Why doTERRA oils over other other name brand oils?

Essential Oils are powerful aromatic compounds found in the stem, bark and leaves of a plant. When they are carefully distilled they become powerful tool for a family’s health. The most essential thing about an essential oil is that you must get a pure non-synthetic oil, one that has no added fillers  and perfumes. Most oils available in stores are not 100% pure even though they claim to be. Essential oils are not regulated by any FDA standards, so a company can still claim their oils are pure when they really contain synthetic fillers and perfumes.

doTERRA understood that in order for an essential to be therapeutically effective, plants need to grow in their native origin. Only when a plant has been grown in its native habitat can its essential oils be therapeutically effective. doTERRA supports global farming and pays fair wages to farmers who grow doTERRA essential oils. Every time you are buying a doTERRA essential oil you are supporting fair wages for global farming.

Did you know in order for an oil to be therapeutically effective it needs to be distilled a certain time and harvested at a specific time of day. The distilling process for essential oils is as much of an art as it is a science. Careful distillation allows oils to be almost “sweated” out of the plant so it can be used in an almost unaltered state.

doTERRA oils are third party tested, not just by people they hire to conduct their testing. Testing was actually the first thing I researched when I came across doTERRA and I loved how highly they scored in terms of testing. Every bottle of doTERRA oils can be traced by the little number stamp on the bottom of each bottle. This number reveals when and whee this oil was sourced.

Sourcing, testing and purity are the most important aspects of a 100% therapeutic grade essential oil. doTERRA oils are the purest oils for these reasons.

They are the only oils I trust diffusing in my home and even ingesting. No other brand meets these safety standards for me.

Pure essentials oils can bring health and wellness to your life and your family’s life. In my opinion everybody is suffering from some sort of physical ailment. It may be emotionally or physically. The good thing is that there is probably an oil for that.

In addition to emotional and physical healing, doTERRA is even a great solution for financial healing. Almost everybody needs financial healing, and doTERRA oils give so many people a chance to make a living from home, while taking care of their families. Once you are experience these oils for yourself and you see how well and fast they work,you might want to tell other people about these amazing health benefits and you start sharing these oils with other people. Being a doTERRA Health Advocate has been a great honor and a great financial solution for me. It allows me to stay home with my kids while I’m sharing oils that help people with many different health issues. It’s truly rewarding in every sense of the way.


If you have any questions how to enroll with doTERRA feel free to message me at ilka@ilkasblog.com or visit my doTERRA site at https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/ilkasblog

I’d be more than happy answering any question you may have about starting your healthy journey and career with essential oils.