When my kids received a package from their grandmother last week I was surprised when I saw the cover of a new Dr Seuss book, apparently one I have never seen:

What pet should I Get?

How can this be?

That was strange. I thought I knew every single one of his works.
Maybe it was a new book from the Cat in the hat series?

No, it wasn’t. It actually said by Dr Seuss.

So as I was looking through it, Ransom House, the publishing company left a note in the last few pages of the book, explaining how this book came about. It was indeed one of Theodore Seuss Geisel’s unfinished works. One of the stories that were work on progress, stacked away in a box, like so many others. Seuss loved working on multiple projects at the same time. It was not unusual for him to put some of his work to the side only to continue it at some later point. This box was first found by his wife Audrey and later by his longtime secretary and friend Claudia Prescott in the fall of 2013. The art director at Ransom House who worked with Teodore Seuss Geisel for eleven years is almost certain that this work dated to the period of 1958 and 1962. She noticed that the kids were the same kids as in the illustrations for One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!
It’s a true gem for any Dr Seuss fan. The writers at the publishing company, Ransom House worked hard to bring the illustrations and words, which have started to faint a bit over time back to life and fill in some of the blanks and colors in a way Dr Seuss would have approved it.
Like all kids, my kids love stories about pets and the endless questions about which pet we should get next. Almost on weekly basis I have to answer questions why we don’t need another pet right now. We have 2 dogs already. My kids believe there is plenty of room for more in our house.
Any Dr Seuss fan will enjoy this book. My 2 year old loved listening to this story as well. It is worded simpler than some of the other works. Even though he doesn’t quite get the concept of the more wordier books yet, he loves listening to Dr Seuss’ rhymes already. My 4 year old enjoys every single Dr Seuss story as much as I do, and he started to use some of the author’s favorite words like “try it try it you will see!” when he wants to get his point across.

What pet should I get is a great read for anybody who loves the wonderful works of the incomparable Dr Seuss.