Weekly Training Log 6/22- 2/28,

This running week has been the best one in 5 years, since my first pregnancy. My mileage for this week ended up to be 45, 5 miles more than expected. The fact that I am running a lot more, even when it’s hot outside is really starting to pay off. Another factor is that I pay much more attention to my hydration, especially drinking electrolytes. Starting to jug down a bottle of water right before a run just doesn’t have the same effect as constant hydration throughout the day. I wished I would have taken that advice more seriously in the past while running. The other factor is my recovery. Drinking a protein shakes right after my workout, combined with some carbs helps me to recover much faster for the next day. The protein helps to repair the broken fiber muscles faster and more efficiently. And never underestimate the feel good factor. When you’re body is getting stronger, you start feeling more energized from your runs and that on the other hand makes you want to exercise more often. It’s just the way it goes. Such a beautiful side-effect.

So here is my Weekly Training Log 6/22- 2/28:

Monday: 6 miles on treadmill

Tueday: 1200 meter repeats plus 2 mile run with my running group. Awesome workout. 6 miles altogether.

Wednesday: 6 miles around my neighborhood.

Thursday: 5 miles with my running group in 92 degrees along the Ocean and I still ran a 8:48 pace. That felt good. Love that group.

Friday: no run

Saturday: I started out with 3 miles outside while it was 88 degrees. The sun felt burning hot and stinging. It felt hotter than yesterday’s 92 degreed. I had to stop after 3 miles. I went to our community gym and ran another 3 miles on the treadmill. Running felt hard that day but I did it. Good enough.

Sunday: After realizing that I had no long run in for the entire week I decided to run a long run Sunday night. I was hoping for 12 miles. It was stormy all throughout the day, but the rain stopped at around 2:30 pm. Jim came home from work around this time so I thought this was a good time to head outside at that time rather than later when it might storm again. The first 6 miles felt relatively easy. The air felt better after the rain, but there was a still humidity. Breathing felt a bit hard. Mile 6 -9 felt okay, too. But it was mile 9 that was getting to me. Nine mile always does for some reason. I stopped at a gas station to get something to drink that contained electrolytes and started feeling better. I able to push through Mile 16. I didn’t plan on 16 miles at first but thought it would be cool just to do it. My pace as an easy 10 mph.

Total mileage for this week: 45 miles