Weekly Running Log Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach Time

Weekly Running Log Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach Time

My week has been so very busy that I have to admit that running and weekly workouts had to take a bit of side step for this week.

I have made a real effort to stay committed to my training but it hasn’t been easy. My foot is recovering, slowly but steady, which is still progress. I still suffer daily pain but nothing compared to a month ago.

I started to believe that one reason for my foot issues is the non-stop running on pavement. Here in Florida I never really get the chance for softer terrains or even trails, unless I want to run on the beach, but as much as I love the beach, I’m not a beach runner. Even in my house, I always walk around barefoot on our wooden floor and I can tell that sometimes my toes ache from just walking on the hard floor. I never really paid attention to my floors before, but since I have been suffering so much toe pain I have really started to observe every little thing  around my feet and toes. The problem is, I loooove walking barefoot around my house, but I have to make an effort to wear some sort of cushioned slippers in order to protect the delicate, inflamed bones in my toes. That’s also the reason why I have found my way back to the treadmill at my gym this week.

A few years ago, when we lived in NYC and I switched up my running between pavement, trails and treadmill, I have never really suffered any physical pain or injuries. I’m noticing that taking a break from the pavement here and there and switching to the treadmill actually feels good on my foot. Treadmill running can be challenging mentally but if it helps my foot I welcome it with open arms!! I also hope by May/June I will be able to sign up for some races.


Weekly Running Log and weekly workouts Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach Time


I love using the rowing machine after my runs. Anything between 1000 and 2000 meters after a a 6 mile run feels absolutely fantastic. I love that it gives me a great upperbody and core workout. I remember how much David Kirsch, when  I trained at his gym in NYC, always recommended the rower to me, because it really tones your arms and shoulders. I somehow never forgot this advice…


In other news this week

Lots of beach time with my boys. Basically every weekend I’m taking the boys to the beach. The elements water, sand and sunshine always do the trick. The only problem is that time really flies when you’re by the water – maybe it’s because I’m born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer, but the combination of water and sand has healing powers to me. No matter how big my worries or fears are, they all becomes smaller and seem more doable after some sand and water….

Weekly Running Log and weekly workouts Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach Time


Weekly Running Log and weekly workouts Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach Time


Weekly Running Log and weekly workouts Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach Time


Weekly Running Log and weekly workouts Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach Time



Weekly Running Log and weekly workouts Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach Time



Here is how my running went last week:


Monday: Never miss a Monday! …and I almost did!! Caught up with a 5 Miler at night though !!

Tuesday: No Running

Wednesday: 6 Miler on the treadmill at the gym. 2,000 m of rowing and weights. I had so much much energy for the rest of the day and I accomplished everything on my to-do list, which is always a super great feeling. Amazing how much a great workout can really fire you up and get you going!!

Thursday: No Running

Friday: Back at the gym for 5 Miles plus I have started incorporating TRX into my routine and I looove it!! I didn’t take pics – next time I will.

Saturday: No Running. I almost never ever miss a Saturday run but it was just not doable yesterday. This morning was way too busy and I didn’t have a minute to fit in a run.

Sunday: 6 miles outside around my community. The weather has been awesome in the early morning hours. Lower 60s to upper 70s, later on in the afternoon the heat is coming back, but the morning hours are pure bliss right now.


Total Mileage for this week: 17 Miles

How was your training week?


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  1. Do you feel like TRX has been helpful for cross training? I’ve been thinking about trying some TRX classes but I haven’t done it yet!

  2. I had a good training week…I had a intense workout on Saturday and still a little sore today, even though I had a active rest day yesterday. 🙂 Need to start training for a 1/2 marathon and start getting increasing those miles. I love that beach hat! xoxo

  3. Great training week! You are so fortunate to live near a beach! I love the calming effects of the water. I have hardwood floors throughout my home and need to wear shoes or slippers, or me feet kill me at the end of the day. The hardness of the surface you are running on definitely makes a difference.

    • That’s exactly what I’m going through, as well. The hardwood floors in our home are so painful on my feet! Thanks for stopping by Linda!

  4. I’ve never tried the rowing machine or TRX! They are both on my list of workouts to try! So glad you had a great beach trip. I am missing the beach so much! Have a great week!

  5. Looks like you had a great week! Love yur photos from the beach!

  6. The beach looks amazing!!

  7. When I’m in training mode, I usually do shorter runs on the treadmill and long runs outside to have some lower-impact runs in the mix. 17 miles is a pretty good week in my book!

  8. Where do you live? Oh how I wish I lived near the ocean and in warmer weather. The summers in MN are glorious and we do have a lake cabin with a nice beach, but they would die to get there more often. Good luck with your toes! Have you tried OOFOS?

    • We live in Palm Beach Florida Gina. No, I haven’t tried Oofos yet. I’m pretty sure down the line I will give them a try!

  9. Sounds like a great week. I also spend most of my time barefoot. I’ve considered those recovery sandals (Oofos) but I can’t seem to throw down $50 on flip flops. 😂

    • Me, too Rachel. So far I really haven’t found a sandal that is absolutely perfect for my feet…I heard many great things about Oofos though..

  10. I am so jealous of your beach!!! It’s good the treadmill is giving your foot issues some relief 😉

  11. I wish I could run on the beach too but every time I have tried, my calves just kill me

  12. Sorry that your foot is giving you trouble! I could see how it could be good to give it a break on the treadmill. I hear trails are better too but its not really convenient for me to get to trails. I love your beach pics- it makes me wish that summer was here!

  13. While I’m not jealous of the humid hot weather you guys get, I am admittedly a little jealous of the ability to have frequent beach days. I’m counting down the days until I can get to the beach up here regularly in the Northeast!

  14. Oh my gosh that beach looks so inviting. Sorry to hear your foot’s giving you trouble – hopefully mixing up the surfaces you run on will help!

  15. Nice training week! The beach looks like fun!

  16. Interesting conclusion. I am really bad about road running AND being barefoot. Fortunately, my only complaint is plantar fasciitis from time to time, but I have pretty good control of that. I also have access to beaches, but I don’t love running on the sand, either. It’s a good idea to switch things up, though. Hope your toes are feeling better soon.

  17. Ahh. I need some beach time. Those pictures look great!

  18. Looking forward to hearing how you like TRX. And everything seems better at the beach!

  19. I want some beach time! What fantastic family time – you are so luck!

    Great recap of the weeks – you’re amazing!

  20. i wish we had a beach close by..70s weather is just perfect for running.

  21. You’ve got to baby your feet, whatever it takes to get better! Rowing is my least favorite part of OTF, but I am trying to appreciate it.

  22. I always forget about the rowing machine! It does create such a great upper body workout, and it’s somehow kinda fun. I understand the mental difficulty of running on a treadmill – I did a lot of that in the past few months due to horrible cold & snowy weather here – up to 10 mile runs on the treadmill! It’s tough, but you can do it!!

    • I know many people always forget about the rower, Christina – it really is the only cardio machine that gives you a great workout for your torso!

  23. Beautiful beach shots! I love walking barefoot on my wood floors too- but I know it is not really good for my feet 🙁 Sounds like a great week though and I know I am loving the weather here in Central FL! 🙂

    • I had no idea how painful hardwood floors can eventually be on your feet Mary Beth – it’s the only flooring I really like…

  24. I hope mixing in treadmill running will help your foot heal up! I’m sure the pavement does really hurt after a while. I mostly run pavement but do hit the treadmill and occasional gravel roads. Your beach pictures are just beautiful! I bet it is relaxing. Though I’ve found when we go to the beach on vacation, all that sun and sand (and sunburn) tires me out 🙂 I miss the beach!

    • The beach really does have a tiring effect Amy when it comes to running. There are times when I go for a run after we get back from the beach but it’s so.not.easy…!! 🙂

  25. Getting a mix of different running surfaces definitely helps the joints. I’m glad to hear that you’re gradually getting better!

    I’m so envious of your beach time. We’ve got warm weather now but I think I’m feeling the effects of allergies…ugh!

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