Sometimes it seemed like all events somehow come all together at once and it really was one of those weeks when my running was definitely not on top of my agenda.  My older son graduated from preschool, and up to that day there really had one event after the next. From school performances to graduation parties and ceremonies. Every day there was some there event going on. Beautiful and fun in every way.

In terms of running I tried to fit my runs in during the late afternoon on most days. Even though this is not my preferred time of running, it’s super hot here in Florida in the afternoon, it was the only time available in my schedule. It has gotten really hot here for the last 2 weeks and the humidity is just through the rough again.

All my runs are 1 minute per mile slower if not more. The moisture in the air really drains you and you feel like you’re moving along like a snail. What I like about afternoon runs though is that I had enough time during the day for adequate food and fluid intake. That way it’s a bit easier to sustain a run in such heat and humidity. Most people would probably opt for a treadmill run in conditions like this but I’m definitely getting used to endure the high heat humid conditions. Not on all days but most. Actually amazing how our systems gets used to certain conditions if we keep exposing ourselves to them. All with caution of course!




Running PIc


Here is my Log for this week!

Monday: no running I really don’t like skipping Monday runs. My overall weekly mileage totally suffers when I skip Monday runs but I just couldn’t make it that day.

Tuesday: 6 miles outside my neighborhood. Nice and easy. Slow pace.

Wednesday:  4 miles in the afternoon. Pace 9:15.

Thursday: 5 miles to the beach. On my way to the beach I saw two snakes. I couldn’t help but taking a pic. A year ago I would have been jumping up in the air 7 feet and would have screamed for miles. Now, I actually took a pic! Talking about getting used to everything …. I guess I’m officially a Florida Runner! :):)


Friday: 6 miles. Best run of the week because the humidity was low that early in the morning. 6 miles at 9:15. It was my best run of the week.

Saturday: no running

Sunday: 6 miles around my neighborhood. No idea what pace. I didn’t bring a Garmin but something slow(ish)  🙂


Total Mileage for this Week: 27 miles.

I really slacked off with stretching for the last few weeks. As soon as I finish my running I’m rushing back to the house as fast as possible because I know I’m needed. I really need to learn to take the extra few minutes to stretch and to take better care of my ligaments and joints.

I also made an appointment with a chiropractor this week. My hip pain is out of control. As a runner I know that I should have stretched more and better. Foam rolling and planking is also back on the agenda. All these little extras are just necessary if you want to stay injury-free.


Hope you guys all had a great Running Week!





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