It really has been a busy week. Fitting in running into my daily schedule is never an easy task. I’m never on the same running schedule. Some weeks its only morning runs, some weeks only night runs and some weeks I can only fit in afternoon runs. The afternoon runs have been the hardest lately due to the rising temperatures here in Florida. This week I have used the treadmill for the very first time in many months because the heat index was just way too high. I’m so not used to running on the treadmill anymore, I can’t believe last summer I ran 16, 18 and 20 miles on the treadmill for the NYC and Disney marathon training. Once I get used to outdoor running though it’s hard for me to find my way back on the running belt. That’s the reason why I push sometimes my runs outside besides all the heat but soon there will be these days when running outside is clearly not safe anymore and I have to opt for an indoor run.

Anyways, this week has been crazy busy. I fit in my running whenever I can. The hardest problem is actually being able to leave the house. There will always be 1000 other little things waiting for me that need to be taken care of or need my attention, but I have really learned that taking care of myself is just as important. As a matter of fact after I go for a run I’m so much more efficient at getting all these tedious little tasks done , despite my exhaustion! Is it that feeling of being completely depleted by our stress hormones after a run that makes our days so much more pleasant and easier to handle.  For some reason after a 6 mile run we get so much more stuff done than we could have ever handled without running these 6 miles. When I really have a difficult day ahead of me that needs a lot of micromanaging I know, I need to go out for a run first, and after my head is cleared from a run I will be able to tackle it. Hooray for long distance running!



It has been so hot lately that the frogs are looking for cool shelter too. This guy was sitting outside on our railing when we left for school!:):)



Here is how my Running week went:

Monday: 4 miles outside around my neighborhood. Easy peasy.

Tuesday: no runnning

Wednesday: 6 miles around my neighborhood. It was a bit bit hot during this run. Lower 80s, not too much humidity.

Thursday: no running

Friday: no running  I remember how frustrated  felt of not being able to fit in a run, not even 4 miles. I promised my self that tomorrow I will make up for it by running 10 miles.

Saturday: Crazy busy morning again. Buy the time I left for my run it was already 9:30 am. I knew it was hot already outside. I estimated lower 80s. I drank some extra water and electrolytes and headed outside. Within the first mile I noticed that it was much hotter outside than it seemed when I was at home. Within mile 2 I noticed that I wasn’t hydrated enough at least not for this kind of heat. The heat was pounding so hard that I chose to walk up the Donald Ross Bridge instead of running it up just to conserve energy. I knew a CVS was on the other side of the road. If I make it there I will buy some extra Gatorade if that doesn’t help I will stop this run.The thing about running in Florida is there really aren’t any vendors along the beaches where you can buy some sort of fluids. We lived in NYC before moving to Florida and most of my running was happening in Central Park. Besides Central Park being the ideal training ground for runners it also is filled with tons of street vendors who sell sports drinks on almost every corner! Talk about convenience! New Yorker’s are truly spoiled when it comes to convenience! It really made Summer running in the park so much easier. The water stations here along the beach are just not enough. They are either barely working, taste disgusting or just not clean enough. I think the beach organizations should really change this. People need fluids out there in the sun! Well,  I bought some Gatorade and I felt almost instantly so much better. At this point I was steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and I felt like I can tackle this 10 Milers. It went smoother than I thought it would go. I was happy with my pace, too. I was only able to keep a good pace because there was barely any humidity. Without humidity I have learned to deal with running in the sun if the heat index isn’t too high. I met Jim and the boys and Carlin Park and John joined me for the last 1/2 mile. When I stopped my app and looked at the weather it said 90 degrees. Wow – had I known this beforehand for sure would have opted out of this run. It felt more like lower 80s to be. For the remainder of the day we stayed indoors until it cooled down.


Training May



Running Log


Sunday: 6 Treadmill miles. It was hot again on Sunday and I thought the treadmill would be a much safer option. It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated it.


Treadmill Running

Treadmill running

Back on the treadmill this week!



Total mileage for this week: 28 miles. no planks, no yoga, barely any stretching. It was one of those weeks!:))

How as your week?


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