Weekly Running Log – February 6th

  • metatarsal foot pain while running

Weekly Running Log – February 6th

I finally decided to postpone this upcoming marathon to next year. Last week I had to take off 8 days from running because I was traveling, plus my right foot is still in pretty bad shape. The metatarsal pain is actually in both feet, but the right foot is much worse. I’m just in too much pain at this point for any runs longer than 6-7 miles. I’m just unable to withstand  a 20 Miler with this much pain.

Of course I hesitated to quit this marathon training at first, and it wasn’t an easy decision. Just like my doctor said “the worst thing you could tell a runner is not to run!”. It was a long mental struggle, but when the pain became unbearable in my right foot, I actually happily stepped out. Even if I wanted to to push through a long run, I wouldn’t be able to at this point – even worse, I would be risking a fracture…

The pain relievers put huge havoc on my digestive system as well. I just hope that eventually it will clear up by just giving it sufficient rest. If not, I will follow my doctor’s advice for some injections, but then again this is my last resort.

I spent all of last week in Germany and I really enjoyed the cool climate. Such a  nice break from the hot humidity here in South Florida. I didn’t get a chance to run, but just taking walks felt so pleasant.

I’m back to running this week. My doctor recommended these gel pads for protecting the bottom of my feet. I pretty much can’t even run without these pads. They don’t stay in place very well while running, so I use bandages to keep them in place.

I remember loving this look back then in the movie Flashdance…:)


metatarsal foot pain while running


metatarsal foot pain while running


This is pretty much how I’m rolling right now.

So at this point I’m hoping for a Fall marathon. My doctor gave me some hope and said that metatarsal foot pain comes and goes, and with enough rest it might disappear again. However, if I don’t watch the padding in my shoes again, it might come right back. Let’s just hope it disappear sometime soon…


metatarsal foot pain while running



Here is how my running went this week:

Monday: No running.

Tuesday: I got from Germany late at night, so no running. Jet lag is a beast!! I struggled with it all week!

Wednesday: I went for 3 miles outside my community. I was too lazy to put my gel padding on, and of course I paid the price – I had to stop at 3 miles. Ouch! Lesson learned!

Thursday: 7 miles. Hooray!  The last mile was painful but overall a great run, thanks to the pads in my shoes.

Friday: No running

Saturday: 6 miles around my neighborhood

Sunday: 3 miles running and about 3 miles walking with my kids later in the day


Total weekly mileage: 19 Miles


metatarsal foot pain while running



How was your week?

Did you ever have to quit a race due to injury?


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  1. Foot pain is no fun even when you aren’t a runner. I had a bum toe for about a week and a half & I felt like I couldn’t do anything without making it worse!

  2. Your poor feet! But hey, you got 19 miles in so that’s something. Sending you so many healing vibes, Ilka!!

  3. Sending you hugs and love–I am so sorry. But you made the right choice, and that was a choice that only you could make–you know what is going on in your body! I’m sorry that your past marathon attempt have had to be subverted, but that is why the marathon is such a beast–it takes us all down at times!

  4. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this – I can’t imagine wrangling the mentality of not being able to do what you love. Hugs for quick healing!

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your decision to postpone! It’s so hard to come to that decision, however probably for the best in the long term. I hope your feet heal up quickly and you can get back to training soon!

  6. Having to drop out of a race is never easy. I have had to drop out due to pf before and as much as it pained me to watch all my friends run it I knew it was the best decision for me. There will always be other races to do but you only have one body and you have to take care of it. Wishing you a speedy recovery

  7. I’m sorry to hear you can’t do your race. That had to be a hard decision to make.

  8. I had my first-ever DNF last summer. I stupidly wore some old (but comfy!) shoes earlier in the week and didn’t realize the damage that had done until my race that next weekend. It wasn’t really painful, but I could tell something definitely was “off” and I had an Ultra happening the following weekend…so after one mile into a 10K, I pulled over and surrendered my timing chip. No regrets…it actually was liberating to not have to worry about what that race would do to me and if it would further do more damage. I hope things start to heal now that you don’t have the pressure to do long runs.

    • That’s what I believe happened to me Kimberly. I have been running way too long in the same running shoes, because they felt so comfy!!! Switching out running shoes is so very important. I knew better in the back of my mind and still made the same mistake…

  9. Im sorry about your foot and having to postpone the race. It sounds like you are making the right decision. Heal up quickly!

  10. Ugh! Do you have an official diagnosis? You must be so incredibly frustrated!

    I had my first DNS and a semi DNF last year. I had tweaked my hip flexor after coming off a really strong training cycle and was sidelined for quite some time. I had to pull out of the Best Damn Race Orlando 10K completely and started the Publix Savannah Women’s Half, only to end up dropping to the 5K during the race. It was really rough on me, mentally.

    I think you re making the right decision, but I know that doesn’t make it easier. Hang in there.

    • So far it’s metatarsal foot pain. Like many other runners I have been struggling with the occasional hip pain as well – which might have contributed to wrong alignment and all the other good stuff!!

  11. Oh no!!! I hope your foot heals completely soon, so you can get back into routine <3

  12. I’m so disappointed for you, Ilka because I know how difficult it is for us runners to let go of a race. But you know you made a wise decision and pulling back now will expedite the healing. The marathon will be there when you’re recovered and ready. Until then, rest up. Many healing thoughts coming your way. I DNS’d 2 marathons (one in Oct and one in Nov of the same year due to hip pain) it sucked but I went on to run 4 more since then.

  13. sending you hugs and prayers for quick recovery dear.

  14. The fact you still run at all is amazing. I’m sorry to hear you are still dealing with this pain. I hope it heals quickly and does not return for a very long time.

  15. Oh man, I have definitely had to quit races because of pain! I even missed out on two marathons one summer (Vermont and Chicago) because I tore a ligament in my ankle. Booo. I hope your foot pain eases up really soon!

  16. LOL I totally remember that foot tape from Flashdance. Now, I’m picturing you cutting loose around your house. Sorry to hear the injury is still giving you fits. Hang in there!

  17. Sorry to hear about all of the pain you’ve been experiencing, and your decision to postpone. While it is sad to have to face that reality, it sounds like you made the smart and safe decision. Much better to be safe than sorry!

    • That’s what I thought Kathryn – there will always be a marathon, bt I was more nervous about my everyday running being affected by injury, so I opted out…

  18. So sorry about your foot pain but great job on your mileage for the week! I’ve had to drop out of several races due to knee injury. I’ve had more knee I injuries than anything else over the last 4 years. Hope you have a great week!

    • I have never been more injured than during the last 12 months Katie – it’s so frustrating when it happens…Hope your knee is feeling better by now!!

  19. Wow. Germany sounds awesome! Glad you decided to sit this one out so to speak.. and hoping you will be feeling much better soon foot wise.

  20. Oh no! I’m so sorry but I’m so glad you made the decision to not run. It’s not worth it! Rest up and hopefully it will get better asap.

  21. Oh that’s interesting about the foot wrap. I would probably get annoyed from it getting caught on my socks…

  22. Sounds like you made a wise choice. Here’s hoping for quick healing!

  23. Ouch! Your poor feet! I hope they are feeling better – what a tough thing to go through!

  24. I’m so very sorry, Ilka. As you know, I’ve experience metatarsal pain. I DNS’d the Chicago Marathon because of it and did not run for 2 months. It’s very encouraging to see you are able to run and get that many miles! I’m glad the pads are helping. I was given the same one but it didn’t seem to help me. My fingers are crossed that you have a speedy recovery and are back to training in no time. Thanks for linking!

    • The pads only help for up to 6 or 7 miles HoHo, then I will better no matter what… with our without pads. They clearly would not help me to run a marathon. Thanks for all your tips and advice throughout the last few weeks:)

  25. Yep. Been there done that. I had a marathon coming up and while I waited for my MRI results I decided to defer until the following year. It was a hard decision but I knew it was the right one.

  26. Hope your poor feet will recover soon. What a pity. But the health is always first. I really look forward to seeing you come back with another race soon

  27. Oh, so sorry to hear about your foot pain. That sounds truly uncomfortable and like not much fun. Hard to step back from training but you will be happy for some rest I am sure!

    • It was pretty hard to admit to myself that I need to stop training right now, but it’s better in the long run!! Good luck with your training for Boston!!!

  28. OH dang Ilka I so hate to read this ! I hope you have speedy recovery. I dealt with ITBS in my marathon and should have quit but I was kind of out in the middle of nowhere at the time then my hard head wouldn’t let me quit.

  29. oh man, I can relate. what a bummer about the feet issues! I’ve had so many issues for so long… at this point both of my feet have been operated on for neuromas and I’ve had to try a few different types of insoles for my shoes. I also had metatarsal pain but indeed it got better with rest! Funny thing is, after YEARS of issues, now my feet are fine, it’s my knees and my back that hurt! So, can’t win really! hahaha! honestly though, metatarsal pain is definitely something that can go away and not come back if you just take it easy for a bit. Then you can run that fall marathon with no issues whatsoever.

  30. I am so glad that I stumbled on this post.

    I have a bunion on my left foot and have metatarsal pain (on the bottom) because of it.
    (I also have a smaller bunion on my right foot with bunion pain but no metatarsal pain.)

    Anyway, the pain in unpredictable. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt at all. Sometimes it hurts for whole 13 miles (Asbury park HM). This past HM it hurt for the 2nd half of the race. I’ve learned to ignore it if the pain is bearable.

    I do wrap it with moleskin but I need to look into a gel pad (one that doesn’t move.)

    I have never run a full. I think I can tackle it physically but I don’t think I can handle the pain in my foot.

    I don’t want to do surgery or shots so I stick to races and painful halfs.

    • That’s exactly what I have been going through Darlene. At this point I wouldn’t be able to withstand a full marathon with this pain. When I heard about this type of pain years ago from other runners I couldn’t even imagine how unbearable to type of pain is… I hope we both feel better sometime very soon:)

  31. I just ran the Treasure Coast Half! Beautiful course. I would run it again if I lived in Fla.

    Hope you feet heal.

    • Hi Darlene – I was supposed t run the marathon but cancelled right before. The inflammation in my toes was too severe to run 26.2. So glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see you there maybe next year:)

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