Weekly Running Log 6/1-6/7

This was a great running week for me. A) I had my first trail run (ever!) which was tons of fun and B) I’m finally slowly getting used to running at night, something that I never really liked but it’s the best way for me right now to get some mileage in. With our schedules right now, morning runs are just not possible and in addition I need a break from my afternoon treadmill runs. So I wait until it cools down a bit in the early evening and I run outdoors.

Anyway, this is my weekly running log for this week 6/1 -6/7

Mo 6/1: 6 miles on the treadmill. Since I had to skip Sunday’s run, which was suppose to be a 6 miler I ran 6 miles today indoors in the afternoon. It was an okay run with an average pace. Most importantly – I got my run in. No such thing as a bad run as long as it’s done, right?

Tue 6/2: Running meet-up with my running group. Nature trail run at Loggerhead Park, Juno Beach. Half mile repeats through a nature trail with a steady incline, followed by a steep hill run on sand. Don’t count me on the amounts of repeats I did because I stopped counting. Probably if I guessed it must have been 7 or 8. The hardest part was running back up the sandy hill. Phh! What a workout! The surroundings were pretty impressive, too, with a view over the Atlantic Ocean when you reached the top of the path. I must have ran somewhere around 4 miles during that run and I was exhausted! The best part about this running group is that high speed runners run together with average pace runners. All divided into groups but everybody running with that same goal in mind and cheering each other on. Can’t wait for Thursday. And yes I will take a day off from running tomorrow šŸ™‚

Wed 6/3: no runs, unless running after the kids counts

Thu 6/4: All day I waited for this night run with my group. I’m not used to night runs yet and since I took the day off yesterday I really couldn’t anticipate going for a run. And guess what happened? I was actually late for the meet-up. Things happened at home were I got delayed. It wasn’t anything big, but as a Mom it is so hard to commit to a certain time sometimes because things  can change on a dime and you have to take care of those things first before anything else. So I was late. The group had taken off already. I started running after them to catch up. I think somewhere around mile 3 I caught up with some runners. I have no idea what my pace  was. I left my watch at home. 6 miles though.

Fri 6/5: 6 mile night run around my neighborhood at 9:15 pace. It was still a bit warm outside, but manageable. Nice run!

Sat 6/6: no run today. I initially wanted to run but our schedules changed. That’s okay.

Sun 6/7: 6 mile run around my neighborhood in 82 degrees. By the time I got outside during the early evening the temperature was still 82 degrees. Every cell in my body wanted me to quit. It got a bit easier  after mile 3 and I actually thought for a little while that I could push for 8 miles, but the heat was getting to me and I stopped at 6 miles. My pace was 9:27 min/mi.

Total running miles for this week: 28 miles šŸ™‚