This Tissue Paper Valentine Hearts Wall Decor is a charming craft idea!

A great craft project for Valentine’s Day – suitable for kids and easy-to-follow instructions.

I have a huge passion for simple tissue paper crafts. Most of my craft section here on this blog consist of tissue paper crafts. I love the simple and charming look of these projects. Tissue crafts are timeless decor pieces.

This Valentine wall Decor is super easy to make. You can even have your kids help you out. My kids love forming the little tissue paper balls and sticking them to the cardboard. You can certainly pick any color of tissue paper you like. I chose a glittery pink, but a light pink or red will look very pretty as well.

When I go for a walk I can never resist the beautiful tree branches I find underneath trees or on the side of the road. Tree branches have such a great natural charm and really underline the simplicity of this wall decor. I love including them them into my crafts ideas.

Here is the material you need:

2-3 sheets tissue paper

school glue

old cardboard (from cereal box or any other box)

about 90″ of baker’s twine or string

a tree branch


On the cardboard, draw  a heart and cut it out.

Use that cut-out heart as a stencil to draw 5 more identical hearts.

Apply glue to the hearts. Make sure you are applying glue to the design part of the cardboard, that way, whatever design is on the box will not show through the tissue paper balls.

Place string on one of the hearts and stick 2 hearts together.

Cut tissue paper into 4″pieces and form each piece into a little ball.

Apply glue to the hearts (brown paper part) and stick little tissue paper balls onto heart.

Tie strings to the branch and place it on your wall.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tissue Paper Valentine Hearts Wall Decor



Tissue Paper Valentine Hearts Wall Decor


Tissue Paper Valentine Hearts Wall Decor