September is flying by at rapid speed!

I can barely keep up with all the things in my schedule this month.

In terms of running and training for my Half-Marathon (I’m really in Half-Marathon training all year around) this was a good week and my mileage for this week was still on key. The only adjustments I needed to do was moving my outdoor runs indoors.

The humidity has been unbearable for running here in South Florida, worse than July and August.The last 3 weeks have been pretty stormy with lots of lightning! That’s what I do not want to face during a run – lightening is never a joke and here in Florida it’s pretty intense. We have lightening and thunder right now all day long, even early in the morning. I don’t even give it a second thought – I  just run on the treadmill then. Better be safe than sorry!

For my Half-Marathon training I tried hard to leave my comfort zone as much as possible during my runs this week. I have been adding lots of hill training while running on the treadmill – and I can really feel how much stronger running on incline makes you. Not that I didn’t know that before but it’s always a great feeling when you’re usual workout is getting an extra boost! That boost from a great run lasts for the rest of the day in my system and I feel like I can move mountains for the rest of the day!

It was a busy week here at home. My little John turned 6 years old! We had a fun Pokemon Party, and it was everything a little 6 year old Pokemon Fan can wish for. I know one day  things like this will be our greatest memories and the stuff that makes life so wonderful!


Training Week Setember 12th - Half-Marathon Training


Here is how my running went this week:

Monday: Monday Runday! 6 treadmill miles at the gym! Even the gym felt hot that day!

Training Week Setember 12th - Half-Marathon Training

Tuesday: 6 miles at the gym again, plus 1000 m rowing and ab work

Wednesday: No running

Thursday: 3 miles outside at night. The air felt so thick and sticky… not pleasant for running at all!

Friday: 5 miles at the gym plus 1 hour of Flow Yoga

Saturday: no running

Sunday: 8 miles! When I started running I didn’t think I would make it past 2 miles, it was that humid but somehow all the cake and carbs from the day before at the party must have kicked in and I felt so much energy. (Does that ever happen to you? Usually my run after Thanksgiving Day feels like this too! 🙂 )


Training Week Setember 12th - Half-Marathon Training


Total Mileage:  28 miles, plus rowing and Yoga

This kind of mileage would have never happened this week had I not opted for indoor runs.

It was waaay (!) too humid this week!

How was your training week?


Do you think he got enough tickets from just one machine at Chuck E. Cheese’s?

Training Week Setember 12th - Half-Marathon Training







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