What a week it has been!

I thought for sure that this will be the week when I fall off the training wagon. I have been so crazy busy that I barely had time to fit in some running.

In addition Jim’s work schedule changed up a bit, that threw a monkey wrench into my schedule as well. Luckily, somehow I pulled myself together and ended up running a lot at night, sometimes even after sunset. As exhausted as I had been I still needed to go for a run, just to unwind, and to be able to reflex on all things. Amazing how rejuvenating a run can be especially after mentally draining days.

Running past 7 or 8 pm though does always have an affect on my sleep. It pumps me up, that then I can’t sleep until 12 or 1 am, or later. My body is just too worked up to fall asleep.

On the other hand, I use that time to get some writing done for my blog posts or catch up with emails or other notifications. I hope though that this coming week things will sort of go back to normal, because let’s face it nothing feels better than a good night sleep, and sleep will always be health priority number one.

Even running isn’t the same when you didn’t sleep enough!


Running Log 21516


Dehydration has been another issue I had been facing during my runs this week. I had to cut my only morning run short, because I couldn’t make it past mile 2.

My mouth, lips and throat felt super dry and my body felt like jello. Even when I thought that I drank sufficiently before I left the house I felt dehydrated withing the first minutes of my runs. I just couldn’t and still can’t figure out what the problem was. I drank water, electrolyte drinks, lemon water, but for whatever reason my body hasn’t been absorbing the fluids. During 3 runs this week I was facing dry mouth and throat, dizziness and weakness. All stemming from dehydration.  I think the culprit might be that I have neglected my fluid intake immediately AFTER my runs. A lot of times I’m not thirsty when I stop running.

Even though I  am dehydrated from running, I just don’t feel like drinking right then and there.  Today after my 8 Miler I forced myself to drink two big glasses immediately after finishing my run. I have been feeling better already tonight. It might have been that I underestimated the necessity to  fuel and replenish my body immediately AFTER a workout. The cooler temperatures can also trick you a bit, and you think you’re not as thirsty.

The beautiful thing is that drinking actually gets easier the more you drink. When you are dehydrated, for whatever reason, you feel less and less thirsty, but once you’re making regular water intake a regular habit again, you’re starting feeling thirsty much more often.

I love running in my HOKA running shoes. Their fat soles have helped me tremendously to relieve my foot pain, including my Plantar Fasciitis.

I have been pain-free since the week of the Disney Marathon, all because of these running shoes. I’m even able to switch back and forth between all my running shoes again, as long as I run in my HOKAs every other day. 2 Months ago I thought that maybe I might have to give up running, that’s how excrutianating the pain was. Luckily, so far, it has been great. (I have been losing fat tissue underneath the balm of my foot. I barely have any cushioning protecting my bone, but HOKA soles have helped me tremendously, wit absorbing shock and protecting my bone).

Hoka Running Shoes

Hoka Running Shoes

So here is my Running Log for this week:

Monday: 6 miles. I can barely remember this run. Luckily I wrote it down in my calendar that it was a night run, and the pace was 9:20, otherwise I would have totally forgotten about it.

Tuesday: no running

Wednesday: 2 miles. I had to stop because I felt sooo dehydrated and weak, even though it was such a beautiful morning for running.

Running Log 215

Thursday: 6 Miles. Again I felt dehydrated in mile 2 and I was close to stopping. I slowed down my pace and said to myself I will try to run to the end of the block, which was about  1/2 mile, and then surprisingly I was able to push further and ended up with 6 miles.

Friday: 6 miles, pace 9:12 to the beach. It was such a great run. The temperature was in the mid 70s, but the sun and heat index felt very strong. A tad too hot already for running, but still nice.

Palm Tree

Palm Tree

Saturday: no running  I really wanted to go for a run, but I couldn’t fit it in, and at night I was just too tired. Promised myself to run a bit longer therefore tomorrow.

Sunday: 8 miles. I left in the afternoon. It had just stopped raining, and I decided to go for my run. The air felt a bit humid and muggy. The first two miles felt sooo slow, and I was slow, but I kept on telling myself to try until mile 4. If it still feels hard by then, I will stop.

For some reason after mile 4 the magical thing of running happened.

My body finally woke up, I was energized and I decided to go for another round. 8 miles done for today. No idea what pace, I left my Garmin at home, but something on the slower side. Afterwards I went home and had IMMEDIATELY 2 big glasses of lemon water (!). Felt good!

On a different note: I’m spending a lot of time on the playground these days with my rascals:):)



Totally mileage for this week: 28 miles ( really didn’t think this would happen at the beginning of the week). Barely any weight training and stretching.

Clearly, I need to pick things up as of tomorrow ~

See you next week!



How has your training been this week?


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