My weekly Running Wrap – It was Shark Week!

My weekly Running Wrap – It was Shark Week!

I’m running and my foot is recovering. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but I can’t complain.

It could be so much worse.

I could not be running.

So yes, I’m happy with my recovery process.

I’m going in for another x-ray of my foot this week. Hopefully it won’t be too bad…

But the most important thing is that I’m able again to be out there running.

As I have mentioned last week, I will run to on the treadmill a bit more often, while my foot is still healing. The belt is a much softer running surface for my foot, and I can easily finish 6 miles with no pain. Hooray!! 

One downside: I’m too shy to take relfies in the gym – so no pics of me running on the belt!

 I wrote last week, how I  had the suspicion that walking barefoot on my hard floor floors contributed to my metatarsal foot pain. Just this past weekend, Runner’s World wrote about this issue. Runners really experience foot pain from hard surfaces, just as hardwood floors and tiles.

Great read and really confirming that suspicion I had…

I’m now trying to remember to wear slippers at home – but seriously nothing feels as good as walking barefoot, at least if you live in a warmer climate like me.

Taking off your off after coming home is just such a relief – especially when it’s hot and humid outside.


My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!


I have found that Bryonia by Boiron helps me a lot with pain relief for my foot. I have been using it for a few weeks now and this way I don’t have to take over-the -counter pain relief.

It’s available Whole Foods. It’s homeopathic, inexpensive and it actually is very supportive for some of my joint pain in my toes.

So between less” barefoot walking on hard floors “and Bryonia I have had experienced less pain.


My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!

In other news

I’m anxious to SIGN UP FOR A RACE!!!  I haven’t raced in over 3 months. It’s hard to watch other people racing when you’re injured.

I have my eyes on 2  races  in May, an 8k and one 10k here in Palm Beach. I’ll see by the end of the month if I will be able to do it. In addition I’m craving marathon training. Can anyone relate?

I really would love a Fall or Winter marathon. The training for the Treasure Coast Marathon all the way up to 2 weeks before the start in March was actually going good and I felt quite strong. Suddenly my foot pain was so bad I was forced to cancel in order to avoid a fracture.

Yet, I can’t wait signing up for another one. I postponed Treasure Coast until next year of course, but this year I would still love to run another marathon.

A local marathon would be great.


My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!

Maybe Miami?

I know.

It’s a hot one….

It’s quite impressive that Miami made the Top 50 Running Cities in the US by Runner’s World. Granted, it was the 50th spot, because the climate is hot and humid, but the courses around Miami are simply breathtaking, and they have a very supportive running community.

So who knows… maybe I’ll be running Miami..or West Palm Beach..let’s see..

Besides running, rowing and Yoga, there was also Easter this week.

My boys couldn’t wait to color Easter eggs. They usually start begging me 2 weeks before Easter to color eggs.

So on Saturday we colored our 2 dozen Easter eggs. My kids always complain that they want to color more than (just!!) 24 eggs…

24 is plenty … trust me ..I’ll be eating  hard-boiled eggs on my salads for the entire week…


My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!


My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!

We completed a fun school project as well.

Yes, it was a crafty week at our house…

John chose sharks for his animal project at school. He wanted create a shark model (nothing easier than that!!) and a shark game for his assignment.

So we sat together and brainstormed ideas on how to craft a paper mache shark model.

The whole family got involved, even my little one helped painting. It took us a few days, but he proudly walked with his shark to school this morning.


My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!

My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!


Also, Kudos to David for carrying the Ocean!!!


Here is what I ran this week :

Monday: 5 miles on the treadmill (Pace 9:15) 1,000 m of rowing and weights. #neverskipamonday

Tuesday: No Running

Wednesday: 5 miles on the treadmill. Pace 9:30.I forgot my headphones at home. You can imagine how endless this run felt…endless!! Still running almost a minute slower per mile than before my injury. I’m still scared to push harder at this point. Weights, 1,500 meters of rowing and some yoga.

Thursday: 3 mile outside. You appreciate outdoor running even more after a few days of treadmill running.

Friday: 5 miles around my neighborhood. No watch, just easy running.

Saturday: 6 Miles. I got my early morning run in just before the heat broke.

Sunday: No Running.

Total weekly mileage: 24 miles


My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!


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My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!

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My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!


My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!



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My weekly Running Wrap - It was Shark Week!


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  1. I would love to run in Miami! I’ve actually never been there so what better way to explore than on foot 🙂

    Congrats on an awesome week of workouts!

  2. Glad your foot is feeling better! I know mine gets aggravated from the hardwood floors too. My whole kitchen/hallway is hardwood so I spend a lot of time on there especially when Im cooking. Ive tried to start wearing my Birkenstocks while I am inside- they are comfortable and supportive! Hope things continue to improve for you!

  3. That shark! It looks incredible!

    I’m almost always in slippers, not so much for comfort but warmth! My toes are always freezing LOL

  4. I cannot walk on bare floor at all it really hurts my feet. I have a pair of crocs I wear at home. I have not heard of that Brionai I will check it out

  5. I was just in Miami – as you saw – and um, it was HOT! If you chose to do a race there, I will bow down to you because you’re officially invincible!

  6. I have had that issue with my feet as well and since we no longer have hardwood floors it has cleared up entirely! I am sure it is an age-related thing! Glad you are finding some relief.

  7. That’s really interesting about foot pain and being barefoot. I’m barefoot almost all the time…

  8. OMG the shark and ocean pic is adorable! He rocked that project! Interesting info. about feet and hard surfaces. I’m usually in slippers or flip flops here but I do love me some bare feet in summer. Glad your foot is feeling better!

  9. That’s an interesting note about the hardwood floors! Also, easter eggs looks awesome 🙂

  10. Interesting, I had no idea that walking barefoot on hardwood floors is bad. I’ll be investing in some slippers!

  11. We have the same with all the hard boiled eggs sitting pretty here too. Nothing like kids who want to keep on coloring those eggs!

  12. Oh, I could never commit to a race in Miami, let alone a marathon – so hot and humid! I wear my Oofos flip flops like slippers – they feel good on my feet when I get home from work. 🙂

  13. Great week! That shark is everything!

    We hard boiled two dozen eggs too (half to be colored, half for deviled eggs). Sadly, between Easter dinner and breakfast, they are almost all gone! Wah!

    I don’t know if I could handle the Miami race. That’s a LOT of humidity with which to contend. That being said, road races weren’t as popular when I lived down there (94-07ish), so I would be curious to see what running a race in SoFla would be like. Maybe one day!

    Have you tried Oofos? A lot of people buy them to wear as slippers/house shoes, and you have the benefit of the extra cushioning.

  14. Yay for running with no pain on the treadmill!! Great job on all of your runs last week indoors and out. I bet that 5 miles without headphones was endless on the mill! The Easter eggs were so pretty!

  15. I have hardwood floors too and they are so nice and cool to walk on but lately I have noticed a difference. The feet do feel better if I keep my Oofos on 🙂 Great job on the eggs!

  16. Glad you’re foot is feeling better. You’ll be standing at the starting line soon!

  17. I’m actually barely barefoot (slippers!) which explains why my feet always hurt when I visit friends and I’m walking around barefooted!

  18. I don’t blame you for not wanting to take pics at the gym. I’m always so conscious when I attempt to take them, and most of the time wind up wimping out.

  19. I often wear my birks in the house so I can have good foot support. I injured my cuboid bone a while back and needed the support on my hard floors. I don’t often take pictures at the gym either – it just feels kinda weird.

  20. After my metatarsal stress fracture, I was told never to walk barefoot and stick to that most of the time. I want to run a late fall or winter marathon too and may do a FL one in December. We’ll see. Your eggs look wonderful! I missed doing that this year. Thanks for linking. Ills!

  21. You are so creative with your kids school projects!
    Yay for progress on your foot, it’s really interesting about not walking barefoot though. I use to spend my entire summer pretty much without shoes on. Now I couldn’t’ walk across the paved road without shoes.
    Have a good weekend Ilka! Appreciate you!

  22. I got the marathon itch this past week too! It always happens after watching Boston. I’m so glad you can do up to 6 and are feeling good!

  23. I’m so glad your foot is healing! That’s great that you’re getting to run! And, thanks for sharing about the hard floors. I am on tile all day at work and then barefoot on hardwood all night at home. That makes a lot of sense! Your eggs turned out cute!

  24. I love to go barefoot all the time. I’ve been told not to go barefoot at home but I never knew the why. I have nothing but hardwood floors in my house too. Must find slippers!

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