The NYC Marathon is getting closer and closer and it will be November 1st before we know it.

At first, this week started off pretty slow in running for me. Being off from running Monday and Tuesday I was close to losing hope that I would be able to log in any decent mileage for the remainder of the week. Monday I took off running. It was the day after my race and my son’s 5th Birthday. I didn’t even think about running that day. Sunday night I prepared his Minecraft Birthday Cake.
The whole cake preparation ( I wanted to make it as perfect as possible) left me entirely exhausted and I hit the pillow that night face down. Monday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn to hit the road for LEGOLAND.




We stayed for about 6 hours, and we still didn’t see the entire park. It’s gigantic and super entertaining for kids. The weather in Orlando was even hotter than in Palm Beach, I didn’t think that was even possible. It was hard to find shelter from the sun.
LEGOLAND is an amazing experience and it really is a must see.
The next day, Tuesday, I planned to run 6 miles in the early evening, but my husband’s work schedule changed and I had to forget about that run, as well.
At this point I started to panic a bit on how I would meet my goal of 50 miles for this week.

Here is how is was able to catch up with it:

WEDNESDAY: 6 treadmill miles. It was raining hard outside. Rainstorm all day, so treadmill running was the only option. Pace: 8:50

THURSDAY: 22 miles. I set the alarm clock for 4:30 am and planned on hitting the road by 5 am. I was so worried about this run for some reason, that it was hard to sleep for me that night. I practically woke up every hour. At around 3:30 am rain and thunder and major lighting started. Oh no! I knew my run would not happen, and yes, no surprises here it didn’t. The rainfall, thunder and lighting was immense. I came up with the crazy idea to run 20 miles on the treadmill at my gym. I did 16 and 18 before on the mill, why not 20? I knew it would be insane but there was no other choice. Skipping this run would be a harder burden for me than committing to it on the treadmill, no matter how hard, dull and boring that would be. When I took my son to school in the morning the rain started to stop ( you can tell I’m reading a lot of Dr Seuss books these days ‘the rain starts stopping when the raindrops stop dropping’). I planned on hitting the treadmill right after I dropped him off, when my husband called me and said ” Hey the news said the rain will stop until 1pm, so you might get a chance to run outside!”. That’s all I needed to hear!
I parked the car at home, grabbed a GU gel, drank some electrolytes and went instantly for my run. By the time I hit the Ocean, it started raining again, not too hard, some heavy drizzling that lasted for about one hour. The beach area became entirely deserted during this weather. The Ocean was dark and choppy with high waves. It was amazing to see all the surfers pulling up in their cars running with their boards into the wave of the Ocean. I should have stopped for pics. I rarely ever stop in the middle of a run to take pictures, I don’t like to interrupt the flow of the run. The pictures I take are most of the time after my run is over. The things you see when you run are amazing and at times I wished everybody was a runner so they get to see the amazing views.
I didn’t see any runners during this run, but at times really enjoy running long runs all on my own.
The only problem was that the area near the Ocean in Jupiter got pretty flooded. At times I was running in water as high as my ankles. My soaked sneakers were squeaking wet and I was entirely drenched, but the heat dried everything up pretty fast. I know…. running in Florida.
When I reached mile 19 I thought it would be cool to try for 22 miles. I pushed through and I did it. I really just wanted to try it out, since some training plans call for long runs of 22 miles. Luckily I didn’t get injured. I fueled with one GU Gel, Chocolate flavor w/caffeine. I have to say that I didn’t like the caffeine while running in this heat. I remember fueling with this particular gel back in New York in cooler temperatures and I liked it, but in the heat it pumped me up in a weird way and I felt light headed from it. I stopped 2 times to hydrate. One time at a Mc Donald’s for some Sprite with lots and lots of ice and another time at a gas station for some Gatorade. I didn’t hydrate with water this time. I followed Hal Higdon’s advice that sometimes soda, due to the high sodium content stays in our system longer than just plain water. Your kidneys send water straight to your bladder and you need a bathroom shortly afterwards.
I usually never ever drink soda, but I have to say it did help. When I finished it was 88 degrees, but it felt like 100.


That night we made these tasty Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers from Trader Joe’s. I absolutely loved it. They are truly one of the best veggie burgers I ever tasted. They such an awesome spicy taste, and the Quinoa was just what I needed after this 22 Miler, and yes, I had two, including the organic bun! šŸ™‚


FRIDAY: 6 treadmill miles. Slow recovery run, nice and easy. My pace was around 10:30. It was still raining in Palm Beach.


SATURDAY: 6 easy miles around my neighborhood. Nothing special. I’ve been running this route quite a bit these last few weeks and it does get tiring at times.
I always try to remember that when the route is boring that it trains me mentally to stay strong.


SUNDAY: 10 treadmill miles. I had to wait for the afternoon until I got to run. I would really love to run more in the early morning hours, but our schedules don’t allow it right now. After we got back home from a Birthday Party and dropping off my mother-in-law at the airport, I saw on my phone that the temperature was still 91 degrees, but for some reason it didn’t seem like this looking through my windows. It seemed rather cloudy and cooler (through my windows that was). So I went outside to go for my run. Boy was I wrong. One step outside I thought I pass out!
I grabbed my car keys and headed over the gym for 10 miles on the treadmill. The whole treadmill running is getting to me at this point, but it’s better than skipping a run.


Total mileage for this week: 50 miles, 5 days of running, every day stretching and some planks here and there. No strength training … I know… there is only so much I can put on my plate at this point šŸ™‚

It’s Monday night while I’m writing this log. I’m feeling physically good for the fact that I ran a 22 miler this week, ran 5 days straight and hit another milestone in my weekly mileage.
I read a ton of running books over the last few months, and every book recommended stretching post runs, which I have followed religiously during this training cycle. I always used to neglect stretching in the past, all the time! So far I have been injury-free and I believe that stretching POST runs really made that difference. In addition I really made sure that I consume protein with some carbs after every run. During my last Marathon I remember how fatigued and tired my body constantly felt because I paid almost Zero attention to my nutrition. I used to neglect protein big time, but now that I incorporate it into almost every meal I really notice the difference in my stamina and recovery. For the last month I switched to RAW Protein by Garden of Life and I think this protein powder is amazing.

It’s raw, vegan, dairy & gluten free. I feel the enzymes and combination of probiotics really provide you with more energy and stamina, and give your digestion a nice break. A friend recommended it to me, because she too, has these amazing results. BTW this is not a sponsored post, just my own opinion.

Total Mileage for this week: 50 miles, 5 days of running

How was your running week?
What’s your favorite post run food or snack?