My Training log for the NYC Marathon Week 12.

Only four more weeks to go. This marathon training has been an amazing journey. My last Marathon was 6 years ago. I lived in NYC back then and I wasn’t a mother yet.  Training back then was so different for me. I only had to schedule my runs around my work and I pretty much had a consistent routine all week, with only a few interruptions here and there. Besides the Summer, New York has great running weather all year around. I especially loved running in Central Park. Running in Central Park is every runner’s dream come true. The Park offers different mileage loops, which range from 2-6 miles ( one time around the park is 6 miles) and perfect inclines for hill training. You pretty much run into other runners all the time since the running community in New York is huge. Even outside of Central Park the City of New York offers great running paths along the Westside Highway and East River. Prospect Park in Brooklyn has always been another favorite of mine.
Anyways, now that I live in South Florida for the last year my running conditions and routines have changed dramatically. I never thought I would withstand running 6 miles in the upper 80s, not to mention a 22 miler. I’m a mom of two little cute boys now, meaning my running schedule evolves around them. I can never really plan a whole week of training a week in advance. I have only a vague idea of what my running week will look like in the beginning of the week. All I know is the total mileage I would like to meet. I try to stick to my running plan but it always needs tons of modifications. So far I made it to week 12 of this marathon training.
The temps are still blazing in the lower 90sin October and I’m pretty much giving up hope that I will have any cool off before the big run in New York City. Training here in Florida I had to learn to take care of my hydration much more than ever before. I used to neglect my fluid intake, but here in Florida I had no other choice than to drink up on water and electrolytes in order to run almost every day. Another thing I learned training in the heat is to run in a running bra. Something I never thought was possible, because I was too shy like most women runners to show my midriff. But I learned quickly that if I wanted to train in the Florida heat for a marathon I better learn to lose the layers of clothing, otherwise I would not run any high mileages during this heat. Nowadays I don’t care anymore. I almost forgot what it feels like to run with a running shirt. I guess you can get used to everything.
One more other thing about this training is my lack of sleep. Before I had my kids I could sneak in some down time here and there to help my recovery, like sleeping in a bit longer or sit down for a few extra minutes to rejuvenate. As soon as I get home, even after a 22 miler I have to be on and going and there will be one thousand things that are waiting for me to take care of. So a lot has changed since my last marathon and I’m happy that I’m still rolling at this point:)

Here is what I ran last week:

Monday: 3 miles around my neighborhood. Pace 9:15.

Tuesday: 7 miles. I hurt my neck pretty bad that morning when I was carrying my 2 year old to the car. As I turned to the left I felt this sharp pain on the right side in my neck. It shocked me! My neck entirely locked up and I couldn’t turn to the right anymore. I took some pain relief which only eased the pain a tiny bit. I knew that this pain would stick around for a few days (and it did).
Yes, I still went for a run later on. The pain was actually less when I was running (only runners would understand this phenomenon).
When I went for my run at around 10 am it was already 84 degrees and the humidity quite high. So many turtles were out that morning, also a few snakes. I stopped for one tortoise, because it was quite big, but the little guy took off so fast when I approached him. I’m actually amazed how fast these tortoises move. They are really not that (!) slow.




Wednesday: 7 Miles. Again my schedule only allowed me to run at around Noon and it was already 88 degrees at that time. The first 2 miles felt really hard but somehow it got easier into mile 3. I did not have coffee before this run, something really unusual for me. I need my coffee first thing in the morning but this morning I preferred hot almond chocolate and somehow forgot abut my coffee. Not sure how that happened but it did. So I went for my run without ay coffee in my system. I have to say that running without coffee felt quite good. It felt good for the solely reason that my heart rate didn’t exhilarate in the beginning of the run and therefore the run felt much easier even during this heat. I had my coffee after the run. Tasted awesome! Such a reward:) I still can’t commit to not having coffee first thing in the morning. I’m looking forward to it as soon as I getup:

Thursday: no run.

Friday: It was way too hot and sticky outside to attempt an 18 miler in this heat. I had no other choice than running 18 miles on the treadmill at my gym. I picked the treadmill in the very back so when pople saw my running beyond the second hour they didn’t think I lost my mind. 18 miles. 2 hours 51 minutes.
The treadmill stops after every 60 minutes and I need to restart it all over again every time it stops. Really annoying. Because of that I couldn’t take a pic of the final result.

Friday: 8 miles outside my neighborhood. I liked running into the sunset. One of the best rewards in running.

Sunday: 10 Miles. I was so tired and my body felt really soar and fatigued that day. I really wanted to skip this run, but I pushed through anyway. My Garmin was out of power and MapMyRun App wasn’t working right that day for whatever reason. According to the app I was running 5 minute miles (I know). I was so frustrated. The sun was stinging and the humidity still high in the early evening. At the halfway mark I stopped by the beach to listen to the sound of the Ocean. It felt so reenergizing and rejuvenating. The second half of this run felt much better. I was slow though, but I was happy that I was actually moving.

The Donald Ross Bridge. I love running across this bridge. I run it a few times per week. Love the view from there.


Halfway Mark of my run. Juno Beach.



Total Mileage for this week: 53 Miles. That’s it. No planks, no weights just running and stretching. Can’t wait to taper off. One more week of higher mileage to go.

Favorite treat this week (EVERY.SINGLE.DAY):


How was your running or workout routine this week?

What’s your favorite post run treat?