I can’t believe this is already week 8 of my training for the NYC Marathon November 1st, 2015. September is already here and Summer  has been rushing by at lighting speed. I got really excited about our trip to New York in a few weeks. New York is so vibrant and full of life. I used to love running in NYC as well. The running community in NYC is huge. Now when Fall starts the NYRR Club offers tons of races, mainly in Central Park and I always loved how easy it was for me to just “go” and race without any major traveling. Now that we live in South Florida, it isn’t that easy and convenient  any more. Races are much further spread along the coasts which requires some travel time.Races start at 7 am. When you have little kids and you have to bring the whole family. This can be a big deal, especially when driving to a race that is 1-2 hours away. I would love to run a Half-Marathon this or next month, just to see where I’m at in my training, but so far, there won’t be one until Mid November in our area.

Besides all that, this week was filled with outdoor runs again after a ton of treadmill running the last two weeks. I was right on target with my mileage. I ran 2 miles extra. My paces still suffered here and there because the humidity is through the roof right now. It’s very hard to breath during most runs. This is my second Summer running in Florida and so far, September has been worse than August, heat and humidity wise. We will most likely not get a break until November, after my Marathon:).

On the other hand, I have the Walt Disney Marathon lined up for the beginning of January, so hopefully that training will be easier.I signed up for this Marathon last year, but had to postpone it to 2016.

Here is my Training Log for the NYC Marathon 8/31 – 9/6 Week 8.

Monday: 3 miles. 3 miles along the Atlantic. Almost nothing compares. I really wanted to go for 6 miles but I planned a 2o Miler for the next day and figured it would be better to stick with only 3 miles for today.


Tuesday: 20 Miles. When I got outside at 5 am it was still so humid that I knew it would be a very hard run. I really wanted to quit into Mile 2 but my will somehow kept this run going. I was scared of the idea of not getting this run done, especially after last week’s mileage suffered due to the storms we had. So I just kept running. Slow. I didn’t care about my pace anymore, which was around a 10 minute mile, way off my usual runs. I fueled with one GU Gel ( really like the lemon flavor) and I stopped at a gas station for a Gatorade. I needed it badly. When I entered the gas station people looked at me as if I needed an ambulance. Some had these doubtful looks on their face “Really? You’re running in this?”, I couldn’t blame them. The AC felt so good in there for these few minutes, I can literally still recall it in my mind as I’m writing this. Somehow I made it to Mile 20. With the pace of a snail. 10:29 and the temperature peaked at 85 degrees when I finished.

Wednesday: 6 miles outside around my neighborhood. Nice and easy. Pace 9:35.

Thursday: No running. We went to one of our favorite beach shores in North Palm Beach for some kids fun and family time.












Friday: 6 treadmill miles. As I was about to leave my house to go outside for a run, the sky was turning dark and I opted for a treadmill run. Pace 8:50. Felt great.




I also rediscovered the rowing machine. I rowed for 2,000 meters after my run. I really felt my core and hamstrings for the rest of the day.

Saturday: 6 miles. I went for an early evening run. The temperature was still 88 degrees, the humidity high. The quality of the air was so hot and sticky that I had all this little bugs sticking on my skin while running, which really bothered me. They only come out when it’s super humid and night. I can’t stand it. I always wonder how many of them I swallow while running. A fellow runner in my running group referred to them as extra protein:) Again, the perks of running in Florida.


Sunday: Woohoo! My last run of the week. 6 miles around my neighborhood. It was already hot at 9am. So I decided to jump in the pool with the kids for some fun play time and cool off. I was able to practice some pool running for a few minutes. I have been reading about it so much and I have to say it really is effective and quite exhausting. My legs were really tired afterwards. When I went for my night run at around 7 pm the temperature was still 88. I also decided over the weekend to look for my Forerunner which was buried away in one of my drawers for the last 3 years. I usually always run with the Map My Run app, but since I have running blog now and I see how almost every other runner takes a pic of their Garmin at the end of a run I thought I have to be just as cool and put it on and take a pic of my end result (ignore the fact that I couldn’t make the time and date work). I have to add that I never really liked running with a watch. It feels heavy on my wrist and it takes some of the joy away from me during a run, because I become obsessed with my pace. Like tonight, when running through this kind of heat is quite hard and my pace isn’t that great, I tend to feel down, when I really should have considered that running through 88 degrees is quite strenuous.

Total Mileage for this week: 47 miles.