Training Log for the NYC Marathon 8/24 – 8/30 Week 7

This has been an entire week of treadmill running. Something I really didn’t see coming for this training cycle. The weather here in South Florida has been really unpredictable. It has been storming a lot and every time I was able to go out for a run another rainstorm was lurking behind the clouds. The last thing I needed was to get caught up in the rain with lightning (again). No fun at all. The last time I got caught in a storm about a week ago, made me settle for treadmill runs. So far, I’m happy that Hurricane Erica didn’t make a landfall here in Florida after all the damage it has caused elsewhere. I really feel bad for all the people affected by this, it can really leave you helpless. Let’s just hope there will be no more for this season.

Yes, so treadmill runs were on the list for last week, as well. After my 16 treadmill miles on Sunday, the week before, I really was in need for some nice outdoor runs. But they were not happening. Almost every late afternoon the sky looked like this:


This was also a week without a long run. I planned to run my Long Run on Sunday, but the stormy weather from Erika was making it impossible and I just couldn’t find enough enthusiasm to run 12 miles on a treadmill, after running 16 treadmill miles last Sunday. Once in a while I’m up to something like this, but continuous long runs on a treadmill really take the fun out of running. So this was the week of five 6 Milers on the treadmill. I’m not feeling bad about it, since I couldn’t change the circumstances, and better to be safe than exposing yourself to dangerous conditions outside.

Here is my week:

Monday: no running. I needed to take the day off after running 16 miles the day before.

Tuesday: 6 treadmill miles. Pace 8:50



Wednesday: 6 treadmill miles at my community gym. It was down pouring so hard that I couldn’t drive to my gym, so I used the treadmill in my Community. It’s not a great treadmill and 6 miles on that piece of equipment feel like 10. But I needed to get this run in, somehow.

What can I say? This whole week was just perfect running conditions

Thursday: Suprise Surpise. 6 miles at the community gym again. Will this weather ever get better?


Friday: no running, for the simple reason that I couldn’t see the treadmill anymore. I needed a break.

Saturday: I attempted to run outside in the afternoon. That was so not smart. I ran back home after 2 miles. It was so crazy hot that I thought my shoulders would burn off. Back to the gym. 6 miles on treadmill. Pace 8:50.

Sunday: 6 Miles at my Community gym again. Every 10 minutes we had a tarantula down-pour today. It really has been wild this week.

Weekly total mileage: 32 miles (woohoo!), 6 miles off my plan. So what. I couldn’t change the circumstances if I wanted to. I’m happy Erika lost strength and didn’t make a landfall in Florida. Let’s just hope for some better conditions this week.

This morning on my morning run. Hope on the Horizon. We’ll see what this week brings.



Total mileage for this week: 32 miles, 5 days of running