Only 10 more weeks to go! I can’t believe it. I remember when it was 16 more weeks to November 1st and I thought I had all the time in the world. Now, the count down is on.
My training schedule so far, needed a lot of adjustments. My last marathon was 5 years ago, right before my first pregnancy but training for such a big run and motherhood is not an easy road. Fitting in long runs that take a few hours is hard for everyone, but I never realized how hard it is being a mother and going out for long runs that can take 3-4 hours sometimes. The hot weather during August here in Florida has really put havoc on my running schedule. Most of the time it doesn’t cool down until 8:30/9 PM. Even getting up in the early morning hours right now, like 5 am doesn’t bring any relief from the high temps and humidity.
As I’m writing this log it is Sunday morning. My 16 Miler for this week has not happened yet, and I’m almost entirely convinced that I will need to run this one on the treadmill at my gym as soon as my husband comes home from work. The heat index for today is through the roof. Having to wait until the end of the day for a long run is another obstacle in the road. Our schedules right now don’t allow me to run early in the morning most of the time. Any long run in the late afternoon or early evening hours is harder most of the time, than early morning runs. You’re already tired form everything that was going on during the day and squeezing out your last juices for 15, 16 miles or more is just, how can I say this? EXHAUSTING.
I had to stop my planned 16 miler this week at 9.5 miles at around 8 o’clock at night. It was still very hot and I started to not feel good and a bit dizzy. Water and electrolyte supplements didn’t help and it was time to quit this run. It’s sad, frustrating when that happens, but it’s still better than getting hurt, especially if you know the warning signs of heat exhaustion. Pushing for this one run too hard can just ruin your entire running for a while.
Needless to say that this week didn’t go as planned so far. I don’t know why, but as I mentioned in other logs before, every time I take off Mondays from running, the rest of the week doesn’t go as planned and I end up with 2 days off running instead of only one. Then I fall short on mileage for that reason. I came to terms with the fact that this extreme heat will go on until mid September in this area. I hope that early long morning runs will be doable again by this time and therefore my mileage won’t suffer as much. But for now, I made peace with the idea of 16 miles on the treadmill for this afternoon. Let’s see what happens.

Here is my Training Log for the NYC Marathon 8/17 – 8/23. Week 6.

Monday: No running

Tuesday: Easy 6 miles around my neighborhood in 86 degrees. Easy was definitely the pace. Happy when it was over:)

Afterwards, we headed to Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee. If you ever happen to be in Palm Beach, check out this fun-filled adventure park and Safari. so much fun for the entire family. It was a bit stormy in that area on Tuesday, like almost every day in August, but we still had a ton of fun and the ids love being around the animals and bein hands




Lion Country Safari, Florida





Giraffe Feeding

Giraffe Feeding


Giraffe at Lion Country Safari

Giraffe at Lion Country Safari





Wednesday: 3 miles around my neighborhood. The heat was blazing in the mid/upper 80s.
Thursday: I planned 16 miles in the morning. At 5am it the temperature was already in the 80s and I moved the run to the early evening hours in hope of a cool down. That cool down that didn’t happen, but I made it outside anyway in hopes that I will. But that was only unfortunately only wishful thinking. I stopped the run at 9.5 miles in fear of heat exhaustion.



Friday: Second Day off this week from running. I was just too busy running errands and my husband was working late, so I didn’t get a chance for a run.

Saturday: 6 treadmill miles at the gym. Pace 9:15. Afterwards, we headed to Juno beach. I truly appreciate any time at the beach, so rejuvenating!


Beach Time!

Beach Time!

Sunday: woohoo! I did run 16 miles on the treadmill at my gym. It was hard, but doable. At Mile 15 I wanted to call it quits, but pushed for that last mile. The one thing that really got me is that the treadmills shut automatically off after 60 minutes of running. So I always have to stop and restart again, kind of taking me out of the momentum. No idea what my pace was from all the interruptions, I guessed it at 9:13. A long run like this on a treadmill can be mentally so challenging. I remember running 18 miles on a treadmill before, when NYC was hit by a snow storm and I needed to get my long run in. They are not as much fun as an outdoorsy run, but build your mental stamina immensely.

Total mileage for this week: 40 Miles, 5 days of running