Only 15 more weeks to go. All in all this was a pretty good running week, even though I was missing 6 miles on my schedule. I had to take off a second day, Friday, due to our schedules. I addition, the severe weather was cutting my runs short on Wednesday and on Saturday. Weatherwise this was an extremely hard week, not only because it was so hot,
but here in this area we had some pretty heavy rain storms. I never saw such heavy rains in my life until I moved to Florida. I got caught in them twice this week during my runs. No fun at all. The upside was that I was still able to log in 39 miles with only a few runs. In that way it was a good week. I have also switched my training plan my to Hal Higdon’s Advanced 2 plan. The mileage on this plan worked a bit better for me.

Anyway. This was my week:

Training Log for the NYC Marathon 7/20 – 7/26

Monday: No running. I don’t know why. EVERY TIME I take off Mondays from running, something happens, and there will be another not-planned day off. I feel so much better when I take off Wednesdays or Fridays, at least I have some of the mileage in already at this point.

Tuesday: 6 miles on treadmill. Stormy outside. The more I run outside the harder it is for me to run on a treadmill. It seemed like this run would never end.

Wednesday: Such a hot day. When I head out the door it was 95 but felt like 100. The sun was very very strong, making every step almost undoable. Very rarely do I think of a run being “stupid”‘ but this was one of the few occasions were I thought, to continue running would just be one of the stupidest things ever. I stopped at 2.67 miles. I wasn’t even able to round up the number to a 3 Miler. So much for the heat šŸ™‚

Thursday: 16.8 miles. I head out the door around 6:30 in the morning, I planned to run 16 miles. Humidity-wise this was already a bit late. It was hard to breath. I felt better when I reached the Ocean. I feel like a sea turtle this week, during all my runs I try to reach the Ocean somehow. Running along the water feels so great. The beauty of the sea in the early morning hours is stunning and puts my runs at such ease. I stopped to take some pics. After pausing my GPS to take the pictures, I forgot to turn it back on, for a little while. At home I estimated it at 0.8 miles. Anyway. It was a beautiful run on a very hot morning. When I reached my house it was 91 degrees. My pace was 9:09. Little by little my body is adjusting to at least some of the heat. We visited Lion Country Safari afterwards, One of the most fun places to visit, and super fun for kids.

Friday: I planned on 4 miles, but that didn’t happen. My husband worked longer hours, and I had to skip my run for that reason. It’s okay. It happens.

Saturday: When I head out the door in the late afternoon, the air felt so sticky and thick from the humidity, that every step of the first mile was at maximum effort. I planned on running about 8 miles. 2.5 miles into my run it started drizzling and within 5 minutes I was caught in a Tropical Storm. I managed to run under the Scafolding of a Mall. I waited for about 45 minutes for the rain to stop, but it just wouldn’t. I called my husband to pick me up. This run ended at 3miles.

Sunday: Since yesterday’s run was cut short, I planned on running a 10 Miler for today. By the start of my run the temperature was 91 degrees. I brought an ice cold bottle of water with me, which was hot after 10 minutes into the run. Well into the second mile I saw a little grey cloud in the sky, but it was small, so I really didn’t worry about another down-pour too much. I kept on running, easy pace. I’m not worried about my pace these days, it is what it is. It’s hot.
When I turned around at the 5.5 mile mark I saw how that little grey cloud became quite big, if not huge (!). I knew I had to put on some speed if I didn’t want to get caught in another rain storm again. But I didn’t make it. Into the 8th Mile it came down very hard. There was no shelter, I just had to keep running. Fast. This time I was worried about my pace. I was still 2 miles from my house. The hard heavy rain was so painful on my face, it reminded me of the weather during my first Marathon. I had no other choice than to run. 10 miles for that day.

Total weekly mileage: 39 miles. 6 miles short off my plan. That’s okay. Sometimes you can’t change what ha



Juno Beach

Juno Beach










Petting Zoo at Lion Country Safari

Petting Zoo at Lion Country Safari