It’s the first days of Fall, I was really hoping that the temperature would cool down at least a little but so far September has been hotter than August here in Palm Beach. I really wonder at this point if I will get any training in cooler weather before November 1st. I drifted off my running schedule a bit for this week. First, my husband’s work schedule changed and in addition he came down with food poisoning all of Saturday. Needless to say, my Saturday run was cancelled. Tuesday’s run I had to cut short, because I felt some pain in my left ankle. Not too much, but I was worrying that I may come down with a case of shin splints. So I cut one of my runs by 3 miles, just to make sure not to put too much stress on my ankle. I was icing it a lot for about two days and treated it with Arnica Montana ointment. I really try to watch not getting injured right before this Marathon.
My pace has still suffered while running during this heat. Right now I really can’t break 8:50 during any of my runs. I had two morning runs this week, but there really was no relieve. At 6:30 am the temperature is still around 80 during this time of the year and the humidity was up there, as well. The good news is that I had no treadmill runs this week. That made me happy, since last week’s runs consisted mainly of treadmill runs, which do get boring and dull if you repeatedly only run on the treadmill. As long as an outdoor run is doable I prefer it over the treadmill any day of the week.

So. Here is my training log for the NYC Marathon 2015, Week 11.

Monday: No run. After yesterday’s 10 Miler I decided to take a break today. I sure needed it. My body did feel tired from the 50 miles the week before. Not achy, but I was just tired , and caught myself yawning throughout the day, a sure sign that I needed to take a break, before my body would crash otherwise.

Tuesday: 6 Miles around my neighborhood. Nice and easy. No idea what pace, I didn’t time it, somewhere around 10:00. Running after a day off is always hard for me. My legs feel like lead and rather stiff. I planned on running 9 miles, but I felt some pain in my left ankle during this run. I was worried about developing shin splints. I stopped after 6 miles. Better to be safe than sorry. I kept on icing my ankle throughout the day. I actually blame it on a pair of shoes I was wearing during the last two runs. These shoes just didn’t provide the right arch support for me. I will use this pair again, unless I will purchase some insoles for more arch support.

Wednesday: 7 Miles. I made it out the door by 6:15 am for my 7 Miler. The world is always beautiful at this time, no matter where you run on this planet, but I really love the pink sunrises and sunsets here in Florida. I sometimes stop to take a picture. Taking these pics have to be a fast decision, because the beautiful shades of pink disappear within minutes.


During this run I encountered two snakes, Razor snakes, really harmless, but a year ago I jumped 6 feet in the air and stopped my run. Any sight of a snake gave me the biggest turbulences. I was almost ready to move back to he City, because I wasn’t sure I could run along side snakes every morning. But I soon realized that if I want to be a runner in Florida, I have to get over my fear of snakes. When I was running with my running group I saw how other runners casually jumped over them during a run, I knew, I had no other choice other than to do the same. Now, its almost a year later and I have gotten used to them (only the harmless Razors or Corn Snakes of course) and I try to take a picture sometimes. This snake was a small one that crossed my way when I stopped my run.


I know to people in the South these snakes are no big deal, but if you have been a City Slicker like I have been for most of my life it really can send you running for the hills at first šŸ™‚

Thursday: 6 Miles. 6 miles around the Duck Pond in Jupiter. We took the kids. My husband played with them around the lake while I was running around the lake. One time around the lake is 1 Mile. My 5 year old son joined me for that last mile. He loves joining me on runs and it’s always so rewarding for me when he really tries to finish:)


Friday: 6 miles. I tried to put on some speed work and I went for a 1 mile repeats. It was very humid and it just felt like I wasn’t moving. I was quite frustrated.

Saturday: I planned on running 16 miles, but as mentioned earlier Jim got sick and I had to cancel this run. That’s okay. I was happy he was okay the next day.

Sunday: I planned 3 miles for today, had my long run happened the day before. Since it didn’t, I decided to go for my long run today. I planned on 16 miles, but stopped at 13 miles. Pace 9:35. I ran to the Ocean, ran a few miles up the shore and ran back home. The humidity was so high that morning that I cut this one short. I just didn’t have it in me to go for more.


The sunrise Sunday morning around 6:30 am.



Total mileage for this week: 38 miles, 5 days of running.

I really hope I’m back on schedule with my mileage for this coming week.


How is the running weather in your area? I envy all runners Up North right now.

Are you looking forward to running in Fall?