I’m Ready To Taper!

This was my last training week of  higher mileage. I have to admit that once I went over 48 miles per week of running I was starting to feel exhausted. Exhausted because I simply didn’t have the time to rest efficiently throughout the day after my longer runs. My kids usually don’t agree with me having any rest time:) The other reason is that my long runs are taking up a lot time. For some runs I’m leaving the house for about 3.5 hours and it’s not always easy to leave my family for that long. My husband had to help out quite a bit in order for me to stick to my training schedule. Besides all that this training has been a real motivator for me and it got me hooked on running even more than I was before. When I was reading in the beginning of this training, about 3months ago that I will be running up to 50 something miles per week I had no idea how that would or could happen, but I trusted the plan and allowed it to guide me through the training process. It is simply amazing how your body can adjust to almost anything if your mind is set on your goal. Marathon training simply is an amazing journey. You find out so much about yourself and gives more than it takes.

I’m already thinking about what will happen after this marathon. I will have the Walt Disney Marathon 2016 lined up only 9 weeks after this one. I signed up for the Walt Disney Marathon before I got the entry for New York City. So, yes, that would only be 9 weeks later. I have no idea if I can run 2 marathons this close to each other. I guess I will decide on that the week after NYC.

Here is how my training week went last week. Week 13 of the NYC Marathon Training.

Monday: 6 miles. Easy pace recovery run around my neighborhood.

Tuesday: 7 miles. I was lucky enough to run in the morning today. 7 am. The world is just beautiful around this time. It was already very humid this early, I remember how sticky this run felt.  I also felt my IT Band flaring up a bit. I knew that it could only be my shoes. I have been running (way!) past their 500 mile expiration date. I knew for a while that I needed to switch them out very soon, but I just loved my New Balance 1260s so much that I had a hard time letting go of them.

During all these hard runs a running shoe can really grow  close to your heart, you feel like you’ve been through a lot together. I always have a  hard time letting go.
Only a runner can feel that emotional over  a pair of sneakers:)

After years of running in New Balance I switched to Asics again.  I used to run in Kayanos by Asics all the time. I loved that shoe a lot, too.  The Kayano series is great, especially for over pronators like me. Both brands, New Balance and Asics ( and countless other brands) make great running shoes, but it was basically a question of the price in the end for me. At that warehouse sale I saved $40 compared to the NB 1260, so I thought it was worth a try.


Wednesday10 miles. Another morning run. Same weather as yesterday, very humid. With all that humidity you’re barely able to feel the drop in temperature. First run in my new running shoes. Not the best feeling at first. I still felt some of that IT band inflammation, but I always need a few days or runs to get used to a new pair of running shoes. Pace 9:05.

Thursday: 6 miles. 6 mile night run to the beach. This run felt so hard, because my body is starting to feel tired. I was almost lacking some of the passion that I usually have for running. I was only pushing through with my head, but my body wanted and needed a break. The heat didn’t help either. 84 degrees Pace 9:35.


Friday: 5 miles. I had such stressful day. I was really not looking forward to this run, which I have to admit barely ever happens. I usually can go for a run no matter what. I felt physically exhausted and the stress from that day left me entirely drained and fatigued. Into Mile 2
I felt like my blood sugar was dropping and I was about to hit the wall. When all of a sudden it occurred to me that I actually barely ate anything all day. I planned 6 miles, but had to stop at 4.75 miles. I just couldn’t finish this run. I walked home.

Saturday: 6 miles. 6 miles to the Duck Pond in Jupiter. I loved that run. I probably should have stopped at 4 miles, because of tomorrow’s 20 Miler, but it was just too beautiful of a run. I kept going a bit further. I guess the new shoes started to work:) Pace: 9:05

Sunday: 20 Miles. First, I planned on an early morning run, but my husband got called into work. Fine. Later then. Jim called me later and told me that he had to stay a bit later at work. That meant I would have to run my 20 Miler in the late afternoon (into the early evening). Phh! I spent the first half of the day with the kids outside, and the heat has left my body already so tired that I had no idea how to hit the road at 4PM for 20 Miles. It’s so hard to go on such a long run when you’re already tired. Since I had no other choice I stopped thinking about it and just went and did it. I took a GU Block Gel, 20 minutes before the run and headed outside. The temperature was 84 degrees for the first half of the run and 81 for the remainder. I chose to run along the Atlantic Ocean because I figured there might be at least a little bit of a breeze. At the 9 Mile mark I stopped at a Mc Donald’s for a Sprite with lots of ice. Actually ice with Sprite. Felt so good! The soda helped me during my last 22 Miler 3 weeks ago, so I chose that as my hydration again during this run in the heat. It helps tons even though I never drink soda. As I was running in the heat I was thinking about that soda already from miles away. I still feel the nice cold AC around my upper body when I walked into the place. I wanted to hang out in there a bit longer, but I wanted to make it back home before dinner time.  I finished in 3 hours and 10 minutes. Pace: 9:30


The price break I got at the outlet store on the Kayano21 was $40.

Playground Time with my kids Sat afternoon. My son took these pics. You like my sandy compression socks?




Total mileage for this week: 50 miles. The average temperature for all these runs was 81 – 84 degrees.



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