One more week to go.

To say that I’m excited would be an understatement and to say that I’m nervous would be even more of an understatement.

In addition, the week before this Marathon couldn’t be any busier. My little one came down with a stomach virus for the last two days. Since today he’s starting to feel much better though. Halloween parties, dentist appointments, packing for our trip to NYC will keep this week anything but boring. The temps are still in the 80s here in Florida and I’m wondering what kind of running clothes to wear for a Marathon in much cooler conditions. My last Marathon was in the month of May in New York and the clothing decision wasn’t a difficult one. Needless to say that I will not be running in shorts like here at home, but I’m also worrying about not getting too hot while I run. I don’t want to feel too hot from layering up too much clothing. I’m thinking about wearing a Cold Gear long sleeve Shirt, a running vest and Cold Gear running leggings. I think having two long sleeve layers might make me feel too hot after mile 13. I also  need to get an old coat for the wait on the Verrazano Bridge. One more thing on my to do and to get list. I was reading countless times how windy and cold this wait can be and you need a warm coat you can take off right before the start and then toss on the side. The NYRR will actually donate all left coats, which is such a neat idea.
As of this week I really try to pay better attention to my fluid intake, even though I could do a better job. My sleep was basically non-existent the last two nights because I had a sick child, but I hope for the remainder of the week that I will get some quality sleep. That’s a major task these days. For sure I will not get much sleep the night before the Marathon, I know barely any runner does the night before a big race. That’s why it’s so important to sleep well the days before.

We will be so busy up to this run, that I actually wished I could be little bit more rested. We will arrive in Manhattan in the early afternoon on Saturday. It will not even give me 24 hours to adjust to the colder temperature. I know I will be freezing! I hope my muscles will not tighten up too much. Then we need to head Uptown to the Javits Center for the Expo and Bib pick up. Afterwards we will attend two Halloween parties before heading out the door for some door to door Trick or Treating in our old neighborhood. My two Superheroes, Ironman and Captain America can’t wait for that adventure and are ready to go!
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Now back to my training log. Here is how my running went last week:


Monday: no running

Tuesday: 6 miles. Such a humid run. It was still 81 degrees at around 6:30PM. I got bitten up quite bad by all the mosquitos that night.

Wednesday: no running I planned on 4 miles but I was so busy that I had to skip it.
Thursday: 7 miles to PGA Boulevard. I haven’t run this route in a long time and it felt really nice. It was an in and out run to PGA Boulevard. When I got outside the sun was already pretty strong and it was only 9:15 am. Pace 9:42.



Friday: 5 miles. The plan only called for 4 miles, but I added on an additional mile. I really wanted to run longer but tried to remember that it was tapering week. The temperature was still warm, but with much less humidity. It’s amazing how the degree of humidity affects your pace. This run felt so much better than yesterday’s. Pace: 8:53

Saturday: 5 miles. Same thing like yesterday. I added one additional mile. Pace 8:50. Again, the temperature was 79 degrees but much less humid. For the first time in a long time I was able to run a better pace. Little by little the temperatures at night are becoming cooler (now that my training is basically over).Earlier that day I spent the afternoon by the shore in North Palm Beach with my kids. Nothing like sand and water, the perfect entertainment for little boys.

003Beach Time 1015Beach Time Mommy with David 1015011

Sunday: 8 miles. This was a really nice run. My last long run of this training. I felt so sentimental about it. It felt weird this week not having a super long run. Funny how you get used to all that hard work and you end up missing it. Pace: 8:50 again. Felt great.

Total Mileage for this week:  31 miles and lots and lots of stretching. Happy Tapering!

Thoughts about Week 15 of the Training for the NYC Marathon:

  • I’m happy and grateful I get to run this race. I earned my entry two times for the NYC Marathon in the past, but needed to cancel both those times because I was expecting a Baby every time:)  Now I get to run it and both my Boys are watching me. It’s so much better!
  • I will try to run to the best of my capabilities. I will also only have less than 24 hours to adjust to the colder temperatures in New York before the start of the Marathon. I hope it will not tighten up my body too much. It’s definitely a concern of mine. On the other hand: I’m ready for a cold weather run! Bring it on!
  • I get to see NYC. My former home of almost two decades. I love this City so much. Great memories, great friends, great people and so much vibrant energy!
  • I’m glad I ran 2x 20 Miles and 1x 22 Miles during this training. These runs gave me the confidence that I can finish this.

How was your training week?

    What is your favorite race clothing in cooler temperatures?