I can’t believe I’m writing Training Log Week 14 of this training. It has gone by so fast, especially the last couple of weeks. When I ran into a friend yesterday at a store and she asked me when my Marathon is I told her: “Today in 2 weeks”. That’s when it honestly occurred to me for the first time, too: Really? Only 2 more weeks? I knew it all along, of course, but I never really inhaled and exhaled and took it all in. No matter how this Marathon goes, I will be forever grateful for this training.

After moving to South Florida from up North (that’s what people call it down here 🙂 ) I never thought I could ever run in such hot conditions, especially no long runs, 16 plus miles and I never thought I could hop over snakes and toads when they happen to stretch out along the side of the road and it was sometimes too late for me to see them until I was an inch away from them and I never thought I could run 40 plus miles a week with sooo little sleep. As a Mom I got tremendously less sleep than during my last Marathon, a few years ago, when I had no kids yet.

Anyway – this training has been an amazing journey.

Here is how my week went:

Monday: no run. I ran 20 Miles the day before and I needed the day off.

Tuesday: 6 Miles. Nice easy pace around my neighborhood. Pace 9:35

Wednesday: 12 miles. By the time I left the house for my run it was already 9 am and the sun was blazing at 84 degrees, but it felt like 90. I didn’t want to run my usual route, I needed a shadier path. So I explored a new route over to Abacoa. It had some beautiful, tree lined shadier paths, not too long, but good enough to give me a break here and there.

034 030

12 Miles, Pace:9:10. Post Run I needed this Mixed Berries Protein Smoothie. Felt so good! This is actually my favorite Smoothie.



Thursday: 5 Miles. Not an easy run. I didn’t fuel right before, so I felt weak during this run, the humidity was high, ad I just wasn’t in the zone. Pace: 9:35

Friday: 6 miles around my neighborhood, later that night. Earlier in the day I started feeling a bit soar in my throat. I was hoping that this wouldn’t stay. My husband felt sick that day as well.

Saturday: 6 miles. Late night run. Around 7 pm. For the first time the temperatures dropped to 79 degrees and it was the coolest run for me of the season. Yipiie!

when I got home I was starting to feel more sick and a few hours later I had a full blown cold. I used Coldcalm to treat, which helped quite a bit and extra Vitamin C. I was really scared that this could develop into something respiratory right before the Marathon.

I still took a pic of this amazing sunset. The photo doesn’t even do it justice.


Sunday: 5 miles. Still sick but better. A lot. 5 mile easy run.


Overall Weekly Mileage: 40 miles. The benefits of my new running shoes were really kicking in this week, too. I had much less ankle pain.

Goals for the next coming 2 weeks: Paying better and closer attention to my diet, including more complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, Farro and some pasta. Plus pumping up my hydration.

My 5 year old made these Playdough Minions on the weekend. I just love them. They made my day:)

How was your week? Are you looking forward to cooler Fall temperatures?