This is has been a great week for running. The temperatures have dropped in the beginning of the week to the mid 70s and it really had quite a positive effect on my running. During this week I had some of my best best paces in a very long time. It has also been an extremely busy week. No school, the Thanksgiving Holiday, play dates, running errands, blogging, crafting, cooking, doctor appointments, you name it.  It was a quite a challenge to fit some running in.

Talking about Doctor appointments. I was finally able to see a foot specialist.

Dr Cutler treats a lot of runners, track teams and pro athletes, which made me feel confident that he knows what he’s talking about. He knows and understands runners, which honestly, was such a relief. I was just not ready for another podiatrist line such as”why do you run so much?” or “then just stop running”.

After Dr Cutler examined both my feet, he told me that my Plantar Fasciitis is actually very mild. The real issue that is causing all my pain is the ball of my foot, which also affects the bottom of my toes. My right foot is pretty flat with a very low arch. Over time, while running without the right support and cushioning, the fat tissue underneath the ball of my foot actually shifted away, towards the middle of my foot, leaving the ball without any cushioning. This also has a major affect on my toes.  The fat tissue for the balm of my foot is also part of the toes’ cushioning. While the fat tissue is pulling away from the ball of my foot it also has a pull on my toes. My toes are not laying flat inside my running shoe anymore, but are rather lifted up. This condition can be very painful, especially while running.

At least now I have an explanation for the excruciating pain I’ve been having. Dr Cutler said I’m basically running on too much bone instead of soft fat tissue.

That explains it.

Dr Cutler suggested that my best option is custom made orthotics insoles, for my regular shoes, as well as for my running shoes. There is only one problem. He never recommends trying out brand new orthotics while training for a marathon.  I could risk knee and hip injury, since these new insoles will change my walk and my run. With the Disney Marathon only 6 weeks away, he said that I should wait until the marathon is over.  So, as soon as I finish the Disney Marathon, I will get my custom made running orthopedics. The only question is, what am I going to do until then? He recommended an anti-inflammatory like Motrin, and really cushioned running socks.

I’m really curious how this will all play out until Disney.

Anyway, here is how to rest of my week went:

Training Log for the Disney Marathon 11/23 – 11/29

Monday: I had a super busy day. I had to go for a night run.  The temperature was a beautiful 72 degrees! I ran 6 miles, in 51:23 minutes, pace 8:32. The last time I ran this pace for 6 miles, was before I got pregnant with my first son, 5 years ago. I was happy! 🙂

Tuesday: 3 miles. The pain in my foot got so bad that I had to stop running. I felt so down. I walked home.  This much pain  while training for a Marathon is just a downer.

Wednesday: no running. I went to see the foot specialist.

Thursday: 14 miles on Thanksgiving morning. Great 7 am run along the Atlantic Ocean. I loved the vibe of this whole morning. There were quite a few of runners out. It seemed like as if they all were thankful to be a runner. We all greeted each other, and everybody had a smile on their face. Gotta love the running community!

I stopped at Juno Beach at the half-way mark to take some pics. I hung out for about 20 minutes on the beach. Usually I would never interrupt a run like that, but it was just too gorgeous not to stop. Plus, I  honestly needed a break after I was trying to keep up with some other runners on the road. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Do you ever do that?



My pace for this run ended up to be 8:39, but I think this was because I took such a nice long break in between 🙂

Later that day we celebrated Thanksgiving. Homemade Cranberry Sauce being my favorite part of the meal. Every year.


It was one beautiful day!

Friday: no run

Saturday: 6 easy miles around my neighborhood in the morning. The temperature was already 82 degrees by the time I headed outside at around 9 am. My pace was 9:12.
Later that day my son got his black belt. Needless to say that he was super excited!



Sunday: no run. I really wanted to go for a run, but my husband was called in for work. The kids and me did hours of arts and crafts that day, which was super fun!



Total mileage for the week: 28 miles.

I was hoping for more, but that is what it was. Pace wise, my best running week in years! Still weight lifting and planking every other day.

I have to admit it doesn’t come easy, but mind over matter. It feels great.

My next goal is to try Yoga, after this Marathon Training. Wendy  from Taking the Long Way Home is such an inspiration. I just can’t look at her daily Yoga posts anymore, without finally giving it a try.


See you next week!

How did your training week go?

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