Just when I thought  I would never run again after passing Columbus Circle in the NYC Marathon, I was back to running one week later.

Really can’t go too long without running, I guess.

It’s too big of a part of my life and I wouldn’t want to miss it. As I mentioned in previous posts before, I did sign up for the Disney Marathon for January 10th, 2016 a while ago. Then I won the lottery for the NYC Marathon. Originally, I didn’t plan  on running two marathon this close apart. 9 weeks to be exact.

There is runners who run marathons back to back, but I just didn’t consider myself to be one of them. I still remember the pain in my legs during those last two miles in the NYC Marathon when I thought that I would actually never run again. I guess that’s the feeling you have when you’re body is entirely depleted and empty at this point.

Even the night after the marathon I wasn’t so fond of running 26.2 miles anymore, but already the next morning my thoughts took a totally different turn. I wanted to run another marathon again, actually the sooner the better. Plus, I would love to get the chance to improve my time. I think setting goals in your life is essential for staying motivated, to go out there anyway and try to give your best, over and over and over again. The results will eventually follow.

I didn’t meet my times goal in NYC. I really wanted to finish 4:10 or less. I felt so down by it, for days, and I admit I still do at times. My self confidence took a hit, too. That’s when the going gets tough. But during my runs this week it became clear to me that if I run another 4:24 again, then that will be okay, too. Then that’s my time and that’s where my body stands. But I don’t want to miss out on long distance running because I can’t meet a specific time goal. I just love running too much.

In order to cut my time I need to train even better and harder. Adding more speed work, which I neglected a lot during my training, but the heat here in Florida made that almost impossible sometimes. I was lucky when I managed the high mileage during temps of the upper 80s. I need to watch much nutrition more at times, so my body stays healthy during training. The fact that I came down with a respiratory infection the week of the marathon wasn’t helping either. It turned out that so many people in our community came down with the same virus, and lost their voice for a few days , as well. Running high mileages every week does have a strenuous effect on your immune system. It’s extra important to watch your  vitamin and mineral intake, otherwise your immune system crashes, and you can get catch a respiratory infection quite fast. I should have paid more attention to my Vitamin C in order to boost my immunity. You live and learn.

If you are an avid runner, time goals are important to you, no matter what time goal that might be, 3, 4 our 5 hours. Consistent running takes ambition to begin with and I believe time goals fall right into that. It’s actually a good thing. When you’re ambitious you want more out of life, and that goes for your running goals as well. With the Disney Marathon only 8 weeks away from this week, I hope it will not be too soon to improve my time. I will try my best though. My body only had one week of recovery after running NYC, and I hope it’s sufficient enough to train for another marathon. I have some plantar fasciitis issues acting up on me since NYC and I need to see a podiatrist asap to discuss possible treatment options. So that’s on top of my list this week, too.

Here is how my week went after a week off after the Marathon:

Monday: 6 miles on the treadmill. Pace 8:50 Nice run, felt good!

Tuesday: no running

Wednesday: 6 miles outside. After 4 miles my plantar faciitis really started to hurt.

Thursday: 5 miles outside. I planned on running 6 miles, but the pain in my foot made me stop.

Friday: No running

Saturday: 6 miles. The temperature dropped to 77 degrees and I managed to run a 8:50 pace again. The cooler temps help for sure.

Sunday: no run

Total weekly mileage: 23 miles


I definitely need to increase mileage again this week. I planned on incorporating Yoga into my running routine, but I’m not sure if I can fit it all in with only 8 weeks time, especially with the upcoming Holiday season. I will be focusing more on strength training though.