Keep Going is my Mantra for this week. My running Mojo is at an all time low and I only have 4 more weeks until I will be lining up at the starting line of the Disney Marathon in January.

My training for the New York City Marathon back in November was going textbook, but my training for Disney in January hasn’t been that perfect lately.

Lately, my daily schedule has been so busy, that it’s hard to fit time for a longer run. I was counting on some cooler temps in November and December, which unfortunately did not happen. I’m a bit tired of facing the hot temps during every single run, for a few months now. I envy all you other runners up North (like they say Down here:)

On a more positive note this week has at least been better than last week. After not having had a long run last week, I was desperate to find time this week to fit it in and make it work. My speed work training has been suffering as well.  It has been hard to push myself beyond my comfort zone during temps of the mid 80s. I really have to admit it. The humidity beats me worse than the heat. Wednesday, right before a big rainfall hit, the humidity was through the roof and I was barely able to breath during my run. I planned 16 miles, and stopped at 8. I just couldn’t do it. It felt like I was dragging myself along the Ocean like a snail, before I called it a day. Not easy. It’s mentally very hard for me to give up on a run. I rather continue even at a slower pace, but it was simply not doable.

Ocean Drive before the rain

Ocean Drive before the rain

Here is how this week went. The training log for the Disney Marathon 12/7 – 12/13:

Monday: 6 miles outside. By the time I was able to run, which was the afternoon, I had to run at my gym indoors. This has been my first time on the treadmill in a while. I got so used to run outside, that I really dreaded the mill, but it actually was quite rejuvenating. Pace 8:50

Tuesday: no running. I planned on running 16 miles the next day

Wednesday: After dropping my kid off at school, I went for my long run. The heat index was already very high, and the sun was stinging. I opted to run towards the Ocean , in hope that there would be a breeze. When I approached the Atlantic the humidity was creeping up, the sea was starting to get rough and choppy. Looking up at the dark sky I knew that I would not be able to finish this run. I stopped at 8 miles. It was down pouring shortly after. The whole thing left me worried. I had no long run last week and now this one failed, too. Hopefully I will be able to make it work this week. Somehow.

Atlantic Shore

Atlantic Shore

Atlantic Ocean Juno Beach

Atlantic Ocean Juno Beach

Thursday: 6 miles around my neighborhood. I really had no running desire in any sense of the word. I never thought I would ever write that. I’m not sure if my head wasn’t in it, or if my heart wasn’t, but I struggled through every mile and I just finished for the sake of finishing. Up to and during this run I was thinking about all the things that needed to get done this week, and I think it took a toll on my running.

Friday: no running

Saturday: A very hot day! I spent the morning with the kids on the playground and the park  and I just couldn’t bear more sun and heat afterwards for a run. I mentally prepared myself that as soon as my husband would come home from work, that I will hit the treadmill at the gym. And that’s exactly what happened.

16 miles on the mill.

I felt so much better knowing my long run was done. It really happened 🙂

16 miles on the treadmill

16 miles on the treadmill

My Long Run Fuel )

My Long Run Fuel 🙂 Yes, for real!

I didn’t have any GU Gels in the house. I forgot to buy some, so I took a Baby Food Pouch from my kids with me. We always have a huge flavor selection of all different fruit and veggie pouches in the house. I chose Apple/Cherry by Happy Baby :). It worked so well! I loved it! I started using it after mile 8 mile, and then again at mile 12 and the rest after the run. It felt great! It didn’t give me a stomach ache and didn’t leave me nauseous. It also didn’t leave me in any discomfort during the run. Great stuff! The Cherry/Apple flavor tasted delicious and was easy to digest. I never brought them before with me on a long run, because the pouches didn’t fit in my belt, but having it on the side of my treadmill was ultra convenient. Happy Baby indeed!

Sunday: no running. I wanted to, but my husband had to work late and therefore running wasn’t happening. My soar hamstrings needed the break anyway.


Total Mileage for this week: 36 miles. 5 days of running. I’m still weight lifting and planking. My little son who joined Martial Arts is planking with me together. So fun! He’s really good at it, too and he’s only 5 years old. I have to pick it up:) I also need to do better in the stretching department again. It helps tons.

See you next week!

How was your training week?

How are you dealing with your running routine during the busy holiday season?