As I was typing up the title for this training log I just realized that this is my first training log summary of 2016. Yohoo!

Happy New Year Everyone! Happy New Running Year! I can’t believe how fast time flies. As a matter of fact, I already have almost forgotten that it was the new year only a few days ago. Life in the fast lane. Between running after my boys, and catching up on miles for this marathon training, I never have a dull moment:)

Only one more week and I will be running the Disney marathon in Orlando. It has only been 9 weeks since the New York City Marathon. I have tried to put my best foot forward with this training. My running mojo after NYC was pretty low and almost non-existent. It took me a good 2 weeks after running NYC to get back into serious running. I have to admit that I’m lacking a lot of quality runs during this training cycle though. I was fatigued after 26.2 in New York and the weather was extremely hot and humid the entire time up until today (figures). Most of my runs were missing the necessary edge in the speed department. With the high humidity in recent weeks my lungs were just not having it, eve when I tried my best to leave my comfort zone. I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’m realistic about my time. I will be running most likely the same time as in New York, somewhere around 4:25. That’s my prediction. I know I can’t pull a miracle out of nowhere.

I have been checking the temperature for this upcoming week and it keeps saying that there will a 80% chance of rain for Sunday. That would be such a bummer. I ran the Long Island Marathon a few years ago in pouring (!) rain – no fun.

Another thing that worries me is that I have a really bad corral placement. When I signed up for this race a year and a half ago, I thought I would be running this marathon along with a dear friend who never ran a marathon before. That friend though signed up for the 6:30 finish. I thought I should do the same thing, just as a support ( yeah, I know… it was stupid on my part). Unfortunately my friend didn’t end up running the marathon and I’m still left with this way too slow placement. I emailed Run Disney a few times about my request for a different corral, but they never got back to me. Most likely I will just have to deal with it.

Main objective for this week: Not. To. Get. Sick ! Like I mentioned last week, I have been pumping up my vitamins, especially Vitamin C. I just don’t need another cold a few days before this marathon. The respiratory infection I caught right before NYC was awful.  I most likely also will have to take some pain relief in the morning before the race. If my foot pain blows up during this run I will have to stop and I so do not want this to happen.

Second objective: Pay attention to my nutrition. Better quality carbs, like sweet potatoes, farro and gluten-fee pasta. Years ago I never thought that I could run with gluten-free foods, but t’s actually possible and feels great. Lemon water for just overall hydration with benefits, protein smoothies and dark chocolate like Bark Thins (especially the ones with pumpkin seeds). Tastes fabulous and contains a ton of iron, something we runners sometimes are lacking after high intensity runs.

Plus, a big shoutout for Avocado. How can something so small pack so much good? Organic Peanut Butter on Whole Wheat Toast and last but not least the always classic never going out of style Banana.


Favorite running foods

Favorite running foods

I have received my new HOKAs in the mail today and I will try them out this week. I’m so excited, I think they might provide more support for my foot and who knows, I might be wearing them for this marathon.

HOKA running shoes

HOKA running shoes

Here is what I ran last week:

Monday: no running

Tuesday: 6 miles around my neighborhood. I have no idea what pace, I didn’t pace myself, but it was on the slower side.

Wednesday: no running (again). Jim’s schedule changed at work and with it my plans for running. I still remember how badly I wanted to go running that day. Isn’t that just the worst for a runner? After a stressful day, all you really want is a run to shake it all out of your system. I needed that after-run calmness, but it wasn’t happening. I survived it.

Thursday: 9 miles to the beach. It was hot and humid. I barely remember anything about this run. I guess I was way too much in my head and lost in thoughts during this run. Does that happen to you, too?

Friday: 6 miles around my neighborhood. Pace 9:10

Saturday: 4 miles on the treadmill, with a lot of incline. Felt amazing afterwards, and boy was I hungry after this uphill training.

Sunday: Best Run in the last 11 months. The temperature finally started to cool down here in Palm Beach. It was such a great run, felt absolutely amazing. Again I didn’t pace myself, because my legs felt tired from the day before. I knew I would need to run easy anyway. I was suppose to run 10 miles, but I extended it to 12 miles. I just didn’t want to stop running in this beautiful weather. Love when that happens.

Training for Disney

Training for Disney

Total weekly mileage: 37 miles. I’m still lifting weights in addition to my running and I really make an effort for proper stretching after every run. Helps tons!

As of today, I’m in tapering mode. Since yesterday we have ideal running temps. Yes, now that my training is officially over:)

(I was waiting for this weather since October!)

A happy and healthy 2016!

Wish me luck for Sunday I will be here next week to tell you all about the race in Disney.



How was your training week?

What’s your favorite running food?