This has been the week of Christmas, needless to say my running has played only a secondary role this week. For the first time in 9 months I took off 3 days this week. I planned a run on Christmas Eve, but no matter how I tried to fit it in, the busyness of the day made it impossible. I still had 1001 things to get done, up to the last minute.

The Disney Marathon is only 2 more weeks away, and I didn’t want to skip that many runs right before it, but sometimes you just have to roll with what life throws at you.I was happy that my long run only needed to be 13 miles on Sunday. I have been so tired and exhausted from the last two weeks that I literally had to drag myself for a run. I never wanted to skip it though, because I can’t stand the feeling of not getting it done, but it’s a drag, not only mentally, but physically, too.

My foot pain has been flaring all of last week and to make matters even more irritating, I got 2 ant bites on my toes of that same foot that is already in pain ( I never knew how irritating ant bites can be). So irritating and uncomfortable. Ant bites sting worse than a mosquito bite, and my 2 toes are swollen from it. No fun during running. I literally want to take my shoe off and start scratching. My Plantar Fasciitis keeps sayng Hello, too. Usually more in the beginning of my run, rather than towards the end. Funny, right? For Sunday’s long run I had to give in and took some Ibuprofen before the run, because I knew that otherwise I won’t finish the distance. I barely ever take any pain relief, besides some Arnica ointment, because I don’t like the way it upsets my stomach. Overall as you can see, I’m in good shape to take on these 26.2 miles in less than 2 weeks:)

It has been a hot and humid here in South Florida, due to all the rain this week. I didn’t care about my pace, and most of the time left the house without my watch. When it’s that humid your pace is off quite by quite a bit, and looking at your watch can just be depressing. So I just ran for distance.

Here is my Training Log for the Disney Marathon 12/21 – 12/27: 

Monday: no run  It always happens to me. when I don’t run Mondays, the rest of my running for that week is totally affected by it and I’m losing out on weekly mileage.

Tuesday: 6 miles on the treadmill. It was raining outside. Pace 8:50.

Wednesday: no run šŸ™

Thursday: no run I really wanted to o for a run, to shake off some of that Holiday stress, but I had plannings to do up to the last minute.

Friday: 7.5 miles to the beach. A much needed very awesome run to the beach. I wanted to keep going.  No idea what pace and I didn’t care either. I wanted to keep going but I had to get back home in time.

Juno Beach, Florida

Juno Beach, Florida

Sun in my eyes!

Sun in my eyes!

Saturday: 7 miles. Another nice run around my neighborhood in the afternoon after the heavy rain had stopped. I was debating wether I should turn this into a 13 miler, but I thought it might be better to leave it at 7 and shoot for 13 miles tomorrow. I tried to work in some faster splints, but Boy(!) was it still humid out there!

Sunday: 13miles. I had to wait until the late afternoon to get my long run in. The ant bites on my toes were so irritating and my PF was about to take me for a ride as well. I was happy when this run was over. I listened to a Podcast and never turned on my running app, and left my watch at home. I have missed runnning like that.

Overall weekly mileage: 34 miles. 4 days of running. I’m still weight training, planking and back to paying more attention to my stretches (something i neglected last week and realized that I will be hurting if I don’t stretch properly AFTER my runs). My hips feel so much better when I stretch after every run.

My tapering has officially begun. I ordered new running sneakers ( I have bitten by the HOKA bug) and hope that these babies will get here in time, so I can get try them out before the big Disney run.

What helped me this week hydration wise was these little EmergenC packs. If I don’t take them on daily basis, my throat starts acting up immediately. I need to watch myself during these last few days before the marathon, that I will not get sick again. I love the electrolytes these provide with every serving. I found a new gluten-free kind at Target.

Emergen-C Super Fruit

Emergen-C Super Fruit

Favorite meal the last few days:

Veggie Burger with Yam Fries

Veggie Burger with Yam Fries

We have these Cowboy Veggie Burger from Trader Joes’s EVERY.SINGLE.DAY this week. I love veggie burgers, but these are my absolute favorite!

See you next week!

Have a Wonderful week and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. That’s why I’m not asking you if you have any. I believe new resolutions can happen any day of the week at any given moment. Whenever the moment is right they will come to you:)




How was your training week?


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