In the beginning of the week, after taking off the first 2 days of the week, I thought that I would never be able to log in some decent mileage for the remainder of the week. I needed a day off running on Monday since I was really exhausted from the week before and then on Tuesday we were surprised by some stormy weather and lots of rain. So the first 2 days of the week I was off running. I had no idea how to catch up with my training schedule. Tuesday night, while I was waiting in my car for my group run, it was down pouring outside. Rain storms here in Florida can be quite heavy, let me tell you. After an hour waiting in our cars, we finally gave up on our run, cancelled, and headed home. But at least during that hour wait I had time to figure out how to adjust my running schedule for the rest of the week. I planned on 43 miles, but I would have to run 5 days in a row without a break.

Here is the Training Log for the NYC Marathon 8/10 – 8/16:

Monday: Day off running

Tuesday: My group run was cancelled due to severe weather. It was too late for me to opt for a treadmill run that night. I needed to get home to my kids for dinner time. No running for that day.

Wednesday: Another weird running day. Since I had 2 days off running I thought I could easily run 15 miles today. By the time I went for my run around 6pm it still had not cooled off. I took my chances, hoping that after an hour the temps would drop, but it got more and more humid during the run until thunderstorm and lighting finally broke. I stopped at mile 12 and called my husband to pick me up, since I was worried to run in the these conditions. My pace was 9:38.

Thursday: 7 miles easy pace outside, around my neighborhood. Did I mention it was hot?

Friday: I opted for the treadmill. I pretty much refused to play around with the weather at this point and committed to treadmill runs for the rest of the week. At least I was able to get my planned mileage in ( and the AC didn’t hurt either:) ). 6 miles.

Saturday: 12 miles in Gym Mode. Nothing would get between me and those 12 miles today even if that meant 12 miles on the treadmill. Done. Check.

Sunday: I so did not feel like running today. I had to run early, too, because we were invited to a party later that day, I really needed a few more hours of recovery, but I went to the gym and got it over with. The first 3 miles felt dreadful. For the first time in a long time I felt soar from the two longer runs that week. I took it easy and just ran for the sake of mileage. 6 miles.

Monday morning I felt so soar and out of running. Needless to say that I needed Monday off (again).
This training week was clearly a lot on my body. August weather is no joke when it comes to running, especially not in Florida. I was glad I found my way back to the gym because running outside was almost impossible, at least for longer runs. Treadmill running seemed quite undoable for me after months of running outside, but I was happy that I had it as an option to maintain my training schedule.

Total Weekly mileage: 43 miles. 5 days running.

How are you guys keeping up with running in the heat? Are you opting for indoor runs sometimes?