Training Log 6-8 – 6-14

This was a good running week for me. My training for the NYC Marathon will start tomorrow and 32 miles in total for this week gives me the confidence I need to tackle the big run.

Mo 6/8 no run

Tuesday 6/9 9 miles. I was actually planning a group run tonight. After I spent 2 1/2 hours in the water park with my kids in 90 degrees weather I was more exhausted than I would after running. The sun really got to me. After my little one went for a nap I was sitting down with my older son. I had the best intentions to read a book about Marathon training while he was playing on his Nintendo, but somehow I fell asleep next to him for a good 20 minutes. When I woke up I was suppose to leave the house to meet with my running group. There was only one problem: Boy was I tired! I decided to take it easy today and skip the group run and go for a slow run around my neighborhood instead. When I first hit the pavement my legs felt like cement and I didn’t think I could actually start running at first. I started slow and as usual the first 2 miles were hard. But like they say in running : The first two miles are liars! They were indeed. Into the third mile, my body woke up and I got my spunk back. I knew I could push for 6 miles. It was still quite warm outside tonight and grass sprinklers are becoming my new BFF. I love running pass them to cool down in the burning Florida sun. The cold water sprinkles helped to reenergize me and I thought ” You might as well push for 9 miles”. So I did.
Now I know why they call it Power Nap 🙂

Wed 6/10 4 miles. running around my neighborhood, easy and nice.

Thu 6/11 6 miles. Running meet -up with my running group at Loggerhead, Juno Beach. I love runs with this group. Even late in the day the temperature today was still around 84 degrees. I ran my best pace on this run since moving to Florida. I ran the first 2.2 miles at 8:20 before, but for whatever reason my running app stopped working after 2.2 miles. But I felt I pretty much kept that same pace up to the 5 mile mark. I was pretty happy after this run because I feel that running in the heat is finally starting to pay off and making me a bit stronger and resilient to it. I actually start catching myself now liking this “running in the heat” 🙂

Fri 6/12 no run

Sat 6/13 8 miles in 86 degrees. Yeah Baby! Never thought I could ever endure something like that but I’m starting to loving it. I ran to the ocean shore and back. What a treat! The last 2 miles were hard though and I was dragging them, mainly because I was starting to feel dehydrated but it was a nice casual run. If you ever make it to Juno Beach, FL, bring your running shoes and run along the shore. It’s one of the best running experiences.

Sun 6/14 4 treadmill miles. I had to choose running on the treadmill today because I wouldn’t be able to run later in the day. It was 90 degrees outside and yes there was no way I would attempt to run outdoors.

Training Log 6/8 - 6/14, Marathon Training

   Training Log 6/8 – 6/14, Marathon Training

Total Mileage for this week: 32 miles