Training Log 6-15- 6-21

So far this has been an okay week for running. It is Sunday morning. I’m still missing today’s run, which will hopefully happen tonight when it’ cooler. But here is what happened so far this week in my running schedule.

Mo 6/15 no run

Tue 6/16 3 mile speed work

Wed 6/17 no run I just couldn’t find the time to fit a run in. Jim was working a different shift so even my night run didn’t happen. But I was planning all day for a long run in the morning. So I made sure I ate the right dinner for extra energy. Sweet potatoes (no dairy), steamed and pureed with two beef meatballs, which I made for the kids. Just the right amount of carbs for dinner with some protein. no greens, I try to go easy on the fiber before a very long run.

Thu 6/18 13 miles, long run. I was hoping to record this workout, but my GPS let me down. Early in the morning, you only have a small window here in Florida, before the temps are creeping up on you, every 15 minutes make a huge difference. I didn’t want to waste it by standing around trying to fix my phone. When you get outside even if it’s early, you better get moving soon, before it gets too hot. These 13 miles felt okay up to mile 10. I was getting very dehydrated but didn’t want to stop at a store to buy a drink. I just wanted to get it over with and keep the momentum. I was happy when I finished. By now it was 86 degrees and I was happy it was over.
I was drenched like I took a shower. It’s quite amazing how much your body is able to adapt to running in the heat if you keep exposing yourself to it. Granted, you must hydrate. I make sure I drink my Electrolytes before heading for a run, and try to keep my fluid intake up throughout the entire day. My slower pace doesn’t bother me anymore. I know as soon as it get slightly cooler that my pace is improving. I can tell even by slight temperature shifts right now.

Fr 6/19 6 miles on treadmill. I couldn’t believe how well I felt after my long run yesterday. Since I was reading more about stretching after every run I can really feel how much better I recover so much better. I didn’t want to blog about it right away, because I needed to see first for myself whether a) do I really stick with it and b) whether it really does make a difference in your recovery. I will make a separate blog about it this week.

Sat 6/20 no run. My son’s first race made my day. I’ll blog about it later in the week. What a great day it was! 🙂

Sun 6/21 5 mile run. It was quite late when I decided to go for a run. It has been a super crazy busy week and I have been slacking off by 5 miles on my training schedule. I try not to beat myself up about it. I did the best I could to get everything under one hat, but sometimes that’s the way it goes.

Total mileage for Training Log 6-15- 6-21 : 27 miles