Training for the Treasure Coast Marathon and metatarsal foot pain

Training for the Treasure Coast Marathon and metatarsal foot pain

Now that I’m well into this training for the Treasure Coast Marathon on March 5th, with a few long runs already in my book, the terrible metatarsal foot pain has been spinning it’s painful head again. I struggled with this pain last year during the training for the Disney marathon, then it disappeared only to show up again this year with even more intensity than last year.

I’m pretty sure that I have been running too long with light weight running sneakers for too long, basically for the last 6-8 months. Here in Florida, while it’s so hot and humid, light weight sneakers feel so good and I really love that, just like the name says, I don’t have to bear the extra weight on my feet and legs. However,I  should have switched it up more often though … The ball of my foot is so inflammed right now, it hurts even walking barefoot. I need to see a podiatrist asap. Subconsciously I’m just scared they tell me that I shouldn’t run the marathon. When HoHo messaged me yesterday that she ignored her metatarsal foot pain for too long and she ended up fracturing her foot, I got really worried. Yes, I agree, I need to see a podiatrist asap.

Here is how many running went last week:

Monday: 7 Miles around my neighborhood, a  hot and humid afternoon run. At the 3 mile mark is when I start getting pain in my foot. I pushed through anyway. I’m not saying this is the right thing to do, but that’s what I did with my runner’s mind.

Training for the Treasure Coast Marathon and metatarsal foot pain

Tuesday: No running. I was swimming laps in our community pool. I usually never really swim because I always have the kids with me at the pool. My youngest son is still too young, so I still need to keep an eye still on him near the pool, so I never really get to swim. I just splish and splash and hold him up most of the time. The kids were in school that morning though and I thought it might be a good idea to go for a swim instead of a run. Felt great!


Training for the Treasure Coast Marathon and metatarsal foot pain

Wednesday: Almost the same exact run like on Monday. The same weather, the same mileage and the same foot pain. Even my frustration over this pain was the same. 7 miles done.

Thursday: No Running

Friday: 3 miles at the gym on the treadmill. I thought the softer running surface of the treadmill might make running easier on my foot, and it actually did. I rowed 2,000 m afterwards as well. Loved it!

Saturday: 7 Miles to the beach. I really stuffed up my running shoe with extra padding underneath the ball of my right foot. I wasn’t pain-free during this run, but it helped.

Training for the Treasure Coast Marathon and metatarsal foot pain

Sunday: 16 Miles. I left the house early enough to see the sunrise. The world is beautiful during the early morning hours. I decided to run again over to the beach. On my way I have to cross over a big canal with a draw-bridge. The bridge was lifted up when I got there, so I used the time waiting for bridge repeats. I continued running along Ocean Drive. It was already warm, but it was a glorious looking morning. The Ocean was stunning and so many runners were out. I stopped a few times because the padding in my shoe needed some adjustments. At times during this run I was in severe pain. When I got home I was barely able to walk, even barefoot. I keep icing it, but I know I probably need to give into some anti-inflammatories at this point.

Training for the Treasure Coast Marathon and metatarsal foot pain


I always stop at this spot during a long run, to hydrate and fuel.





Total Mileage for this week: 40 Miles plus strength training, rowing and swimming.


How was your training week?


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  1. GET IT GIRL! Have a great week of training! XOXO

  2. I was thinking I would look into some other shoes as well. Hope your foot is feeling better and you get it figured out

    • I got the shoes…but I didn’t get the right padding yet Deborah. What this foot mostly needs might be rest, which is a hard thing to do while training for a marathon. Let’s see what the doc says…

  3. I’m really sorry to hear about your foot. It’s difficult that something we love so much can also bring us so much pain. 🙁

    I have my own little pain going on, know I should get to a podiatrist, too, but it’s really hard to carve out that time — until it’s too late, right?

    • I just thought the same thing Judy, it’s hard to admit you’re in pain when you have so much passion for an activity and I agree, procrastinating the visit to a podiatrist is never really a good thing, especially as a runner. I’m guilty of the same thing…

  4. I love running to see the sunrise, so peaceful in the morning and such a nice way to start the day!

  5. I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain and your training isn’t going as planned. I hope you feel better soon, this has to be so frustrating for you.

    • It is frustrating when this happens in the middle of training Sarah … I hope I can continue this training on the “right foot” 🙂 🙂

  6. Great week of training! I would try some different shoes and try rolling the bottom of your foot out! I hope it feels better soon!

  7. I’m so jealous of your warm weather and ability to go swimming outside right now. The weather in Wisconsin is freezing! Good luck with your race and I hope your foot gets better and heals quickly.

    • Hi Chrissy – I’m sure Wisconsin is freezing during this time of year. Weather extremes really make outdoor fitness hard sometimes..

  8. Oh no. So sorry to hear about your foot pain. I would love to run with an ocean view.

    Feel better soon. xoxo

  9. sorry about the foot 🙁 hope you are feeling better.

  10. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your foot pain! I’ve had a metatarsal stress fracture a few years ago and I agree, do NOT ignore the pain! I hope you make an appointment soon! Maybe if you ease up on training now and recover, you’ll still have time before the marathon to get back! Hoping it all works out for you!

  11. Oh wow keep an eye on that foot. I really hope it is not serious. I’ll live vicariously through you and enjoy your heat and sunshine while it’s so cold and grey here. I haven’t willed myself to the indoor pool yet this year.

    • Believe it or not Marcia – I was really hoping for colder temps for this marathon training…it’s a pretty warm January here as well.

  12. Sorry to hear about your foot. I’ve had stress fractures and they are no fun to recover from so I’m glad you’re going to the doc and hopefully will get good news.

  13. OUCH! Sorry to hear about the foot pain. Have you tried mole skin? That would give you a little extra padding (?)

  14. Ugh, so sorry to hear about the foot pain! I hope the doctor gives you the best news possible and it gets better asap.

  15. Been there done that with the foot thing….. Let me know what happens.

  16. I wish it was beach season up here in Michigan. You have me craving beach runs!

  17. I agree with Dixya, although I’m not a runner. What was the cause of pain last time?

    • Most likely the wrong type of padding inside my running shoes Cassi. I think I should have switched to more stability shoes sooner…

  18. This week of training was a doozy! The weather wasn’t being too cooperative (freezing rain!) so some had to be indoors!

    • That’s how I feel when it’s so hot here in the South Carmy. There is nothing wrong with running indoors, as long as you’re getting you running done!!

  19. Wishing you a speedy recovery! I know how stressful it is to train for an event, only to have to worry about injuries!

    • It really puts a damper on training Jodi. You’re so right. Unfortunately long distance running makes you prone to injuries sometimes.

  20. ROWING is such a bad ass arm work out!!!! I wanna get back into that!

  21. I hope you get everything figured out ASAP. I hate foot pain, and I’ve had it a few times. Best to nip it in the bud now! But great week of training regardless!

  22. Beautiful run and excellent miles. But GET TO A DOC ASAP!!! Ack!!! Sending you so many healing vibes, Ilka. Hopefully it’s nothing but get it checked out.

  23. I’m sorry that you’re in discomfort. That’s really hard and frustrating, especially during a training cycle. I hope you can get a handle on it soon.

  24. It looks so warm! I feel like I know your pain as over had tooany injuries lately. Hope you get it sorted out.

  25. Now that is a view! I live in Central Florida and on a lake but a totally different look. Be careful with that foot pain, HoHo knows!

  26. What an incredible week of running. With those beach views, it would be hard to not want to be outside running all of the time.

  27. Sorry about your foot pain, def get it checked out, been there with injuries and the longer you wait the worse it can be.

  28. It is so gloomy and rainy her. Your sunny pictures are making me smile. You had a great week of training, Ilka, despite your foot pain. I am praying it goes away soon, that you get the best news possible from the podiatrist, and that you run a fantastic marathon. I didn’t mean to alarm you with my message — I just don’t want anybody to repeat my mistake of pushing through until it was too late. Fingers crossed! Thanks for linking,

  29. Last year, I finally went to the podiatrist and had custom orthotics made. It’s made the biggest difference for me! I so wish I had done that a long ago.

  30. Sorry about your foot pain! You are so motivated and inspiring!

  31. I am so sorry to hear about all of your foot pain. I had peroneal tendonitis a few years ago which affected the outer edge of my foot and long runs were awful. I ended up switching to Hoka One One a way more maximal shoe which has helped me significantly. Hope you find some relief soon!

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