Lists Lists Lists, we all love lists don’t we? Lists make it easier to read through the content faster, especially when we don’t have time to actually read through pages. I have to admit I’m a big fan of reading and making lists myself. I also believe in writing down my daily to-do list. It helps me tons to get through everything I need to tackle that day. During my runs I sometimes think about lists,as well.  Mainly upcoming to-do lists but also lists of some of my favorite things in life.

On my run this afternoon I thought about my Top 10 Reasons WHY I Go For A Run and what motivates me to go for a run even when I don’t feel like running.

#1 being my most important reason:)


My personal 10 Reasons Why I Go For A Run


10) I can try out my new running gear/clothes/shoes

9) I want to get in shape

8) I want to listen to my new playlist

7) I’m training for a race

6) I love the way my clothes fit since becoming a runner

5) I need to burn of the chocolate chip cookies from the night before

4) I love the way it wears me out 🙂  so weird, only runners would understand:):)

3) I need a stress reliever and some  “me” time to think and to reflect

2) I want to maintain my fitness

1)  I never want to be a non-runner again

    Running put so much positive in my life

    I wouldn’t want to miss it for almost anything:)

That’s the reason that always gets me out the door!


Let me know you’re #1 reason. Why you go for a run or any other favorite activity. It’s always nice to hear how other people stay motivated and for what reasons.


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