Tomato Cucumber Salad with Feta – a refreshing and hydrating classic salad idea!

The beautiful thing about this salad is that all ingredients are very hydrating,refreshing and super low in calories. Hydrating foods like these nightshade veggies fill you up at a very low calorie count. That for sure deserves a hooray!

Now that Spring is officially here and the weather will be warmer, light salads like this tomato cucumber salad make the prefect side dish. Tomato and cucumbers compliment any main dish, especially at outdoor barbecues.

This salad is also a great crowd pleaser. Even people who usually do not go for green salads can rarely resist fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Plus the beautiful addition of Feta cheese!!! Feta cheese makes any salad even more delicious.

Even though I have cut back on a lot of dairy in my diet the last 2 years, Feta cheese will be always one of my ultimately favorite cheeses. I love the Mediterranean flavor it adds to any dishes, salads, pasta or even seafood.


2 cups Cherry Tomatoes (or any other other tomatoes)

1 English Cucumber

1 Yellow Pepper

1/2 Feta Cheese (crumbled)

1 tbsp chopped Parsley

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1/2 Vinegar

Sea Salt



Wash all salad ingredients.

Peel the cucumber (you can also leave the skin on if you like)

Chop and dice all the salad ingredients.

Add all salad ingredients in a bowl

Mix oil and vinegar together, add sea salt and pepper according to taste preference.

Mix well.

Top with Feta cheese and sprinkle with parsley


Tomato Cucumber Salad with Feta - Hydrating and Refreshing


Serves this salad with meat, seafood or just by itself – as a great light snack!!


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