Tissue Paper Crafts are super easy and versatile.

For this Tissue Paper Heart CraftΒ we formed little pieces of tissue paper into little balls and glued them onto a painted heart-shaped piece of paper carton. The little tissue balls give this craft a great dimension and a handmade simple sweetness. For Valentines Day we chose the shape of a heart. Again, this is just another inexpensive craft that is really easy to follow. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to be the world’s greatest crafter, and you even can engage your kids in helping you. My kids loved painting the carton and glueing the little tissue balls onto it. You can even experiment with different sizes of the tissue balls. When you make them slightly bigger the balls get a beautiful blooming effect.

Here is what you need:

several sheets of Tissue Paper (color of your choice)

piece of Paper Carton



School Glue or Mod Podge

some acrylic color in the same color as your tissue paper

Paint Brush

piece of String or Twine


  • start by drawing a heart shape onto the paper carton. One large one and one smaller one inside


  • cut out the outer line of the large heart and then cut out the inner line of the smaller heart

Tissue Paper Heart Craft

  • paint the heart cut out of carton with the acrylic paint

Tissue Paper Craft


  • with glue or mod podge gently stick the little balls of tissue paper onto the heart shape


Tissue Paper Craft


  • attach a piece of twine to hold your craft
Tissue Paper Heart Craft

Tissue Paper Craft


We chose this heart shape craft as a Valentine’s craft, but this idea looks also great all year around as a decorative piece in your home. I especially love it as a sweet decor piece in Nurseries. You then can choose the colors light blue or soft pink. Such a sweet and timeless classic!


Have fun and enjoy!