When I visited the craft store a few days ago, I discovered a tie-dye kit, I had to give it a try. I always loved the look of tie-dye in the summer and I thought my kids might like some fun tie-dye shirts.
These new kits make it really easy.

How to make Tie-Dye Shirts:

Tie-Dye Shirts

Tie-Dye Shirts, ilkasblog.com

The dye is already in plastic bottles, you only need to add water, tie up your shirts with rubber bands ( or whatever items you would like to dye), apply the dye, store it in some plastic bags( I left mine for a full 24 hours, for more color intensity) rinse it out until the water almost runs clear, then washed on a warm/delicate cycle and done.
I was pretty amazed how little mess it was. I watched a tutorial online and someone recommended to put a grill from your oven across your kitchen sink while applying the dye. That way the dye can rinse off into the sink and you can immediately rinse it off. No crazy mess!
I loved the pattern using a fork. You basically put a fork in the middle of the shirt and then slowly twist it all the way and secure it with 3-4 rubber bands. For the pillow case and blanket I rolled u the fabric and then applied rubber bands every 4 inches all along the roll before applying the dye.
I loved the results and I will tie-dye a lot more in the future!