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  • training-log-october-10th

My Training Log Week October 10th – back in training!

Back in training for my Half-Marathon on November 6th! I was not able to log in any mileage last week because me and Jim had a really bad stomach bug...
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  • Training Week Setember 12th - Half-Marathon Training

Training Log Week September 12th – Half-Marathon Training

September is flying by at rapid speed! I can barely keep up with all the things in my schedule this month. In terms of running and training for my Half-Marathon...
  • Running Log Week August 22nd

Running Log Week August 22nd – Happy Summer Running!

My Running Log Week August 22nd – August is almost over! How is this possible? Here in Palm Beach I’m still running in really hot, hazy and humid conditions –...
  • Running Log August 8th

Running Log Week August 8th – Summer fun!

I think August is passing by even faster than July did. It feels like I wrote last week’s training log only 3 days ago. This last week has really been...
  • Running Log August 1st

Running Log Week August 1st – Half-Marathon Training

Running Log Week August 1st – Half-Marathon Training. August already! How can this be? This year is running by in full speed and I can barely catch up. This last...