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  • Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Egg, Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up

It’s great to start to the day then with the right ratio of carbs and protein for breakfast. There really is something to be said about the high quality protein...
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  • Quinoa with Kale & Zucchini and Scrambled Eggs

Quinoa with Kale, Zucchini and Scrambled Eggs – Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up

Today after my 6 mile run I whipped up some scrambled and added some quinoa I had left in the fridge from the day before. I make this dish quite...
  • Green Boost Smoothie

Green Boost Smoothie

Whenever I start my day with a high nutritional Green Boost smoothie like this one, I feel like I have half of my nutrition needs for the day accomplished. Great...
  • Berry Kale Protein Smoothie

Berry Kale Protein Smoothie

My favorite Berry Kale Protein Smoothie, for recovery after a workout, energy booster and overall wellness. How to make a Berry Kale Protein Smoothie: 1 cup unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk...