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  • weekly training log

My Weekly Marathon Training Log 7/6 -7/12

My weekly Marathon Training Log 7/6 -7/12: Wow – only 16 more weeks left until the NYC Marathon. I remember when I thought I still have all the time in...
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  • John at Race 4 The Sea

Run 4 the sea – kids race

Run 4 the sea – kids race, My oldest son John is 4. He has become really enthusiastic about my running lately since he has been watching me running. He loves my...
  • Weekly Running Log 6/1-6/7

Weekly Running Log 6/1-6/7

Weekly Running Log 6/1-6/7 This was a great running week for me. A) I had my first trail run (ever!) which was tons of fun and B) I’m finally slowly getting used to...
  • Trail run. Running at Loggerhead

Trail Run

Yesterday’s trail run meet up with the Fl Fun Running Group was probably one of the most fun runs I ever did. We met up in Loggerhead Park at Juno...