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  • Couscous Salad

Israeli Couscous Salad – a nutritious meatless pasta dish

Israeli Couscous – also known as Pearl Couscous is a whole wheat pasta that is slightly chewy due to its tiny texture. It is made from whole wheat, it is...
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  • Chickpea Protein Salad

Chickpea Protein Salad

As usual, “Hooray for Beans!” There are so many delicious ways to prepare Chickpeas and this Chickpea Protein Salad is one of them. Chickpeas, Avocado and Feta Cheese all rounded...
  • Avocado-Banana Mini Muffins

Avocado-Banana Mini Muffins

Oh so yummy avocado-banana mini muffins packed with mono-saturated fats, potassium and Vitamin B6 from the avocado and bananas and Omega 3s from the flaxseed, these little cakes are real...
  • Mesclun Salad

Mesclun Salad

One of the things I can’t live without is mesclun salad. If I go a few days without having salad, I can definitely feel a difference in my energy levels, food cravings...