It’s great to start to the day then with the right ratio of carbs and protein for breakfast. There really is something to be said about the high quality protein that comes from eggs. I’m a huge fan of lots of vegan style foods and recipes, but I just don’t think I could ever go entirely vegan just because of my love for eggs. Their high content of quality protein has so many healthy benefits.

The protein in eggs is also great for muscle development and recovery, making it the perfect pre and post workout fuel for all active people.

I love potato hash, and even more so sweet potato hash. Sweet potatoes are high in starchy gluten-free carbs and great for energy. The carbs in sweet potato are stored deeper inside muscle tissue than any other carbohydrates and as a runner it’s great to fuel up on sweet potatoes the days prior to a long run or race. The high starches on sweet potatoes will provide you with more stamina and energy than any other carbohydrates. It truly is a super food. The color orange makes it a great source of beta-carotenes, as well. Good for healthy lung function and eye health!

Combing these two with a green super goddess like Kale makes this dish simply highly nutritious and delicious!

I love sauteeing my sweet potatoes and kale in extra-virgin coconut oil.

A well rounded meal like this really is the best start of the day ( after lemon water, of course).

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