This super detox salad is a great jump-start to a healthier you.

It contains some of the most powerful vitamins and minerals. Kale being its No.1 ingredient.

There is almost nothing more nutritious than a raw kale salad. Kale is a vital source of Vitamin K, essential to bone and cardiovascular health.

1 cup provides around 1000 % of RDA Vitamin K. Kale is also a wonderful source of iron. We need iron to transport oxygen around our bodies, otherwise we feel symptoms of fatigue and sluggishness. Another wonderful characteristic of kale is that it is a wonderful detoxifier. Its high fiber and Sulphur content and helps your liver to detoxify toxins from your body. It’s a great source of antioxidant such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A.  An all-round super food.

Red Cabbage: High in Vitamin A, C and E.

Red Bell Pepper. Great source of vitamin A and C, a great source of potassium and Folate.

Butternut Squash: excellent source of Vitamin A and B Complex group. Iron, zinc and potassium are some of the minerals found in butternut squash.

Blueberries: great cancer protection. Blueberries are among the highest antioxidant foods. The phyto-chemical compounds found in blueberries help rid off harmful free radicals from the human body and therefore serve as a great cancer protector. A wonderful source f Vitamin A,C and E.

Lemon juice: A great alkalizer, great source of vitamin C and Potassium.

Avocado: high in mono-unsaturated fats, its compounds fight free radicals which has anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits. A great source of potassium, which is necessary for regulating body fluids.

Radishes: Great source of vitamin C. Great for cardiovascular health

This salad is a powerhouse salad. All these nutrients in one salad make this salad hard to beat. Kale is very high in fiber, therefore this salad is very filling, which makes it beneficial if you want to lose weight. Kale is also appetite suppressing, when you eat this salad you find yourself craving less sugary treats and eating less in general. This super detox kale salad can be stored in the fridge for 2 – 3 days. Just don’t add any dressing or oil to it and it will hold up beautifully in a food storage container inside your fridge.

Here is what you need:

serves 4

3 big leaves of Kale, finely chopped

2 cups of Red Cabbage, shredded

1 red Bell Pepper

1 cup cooked Butternut Squash, diced

4 red Radishes, finely diced

3/4 cup Feta Cheese, crumbled

Juice of 1 Lemon and 3 tbsp. Olive oil

Salt ( I prefer Himalayan Pink Salt for salads) and Pepper

Put salad ingredients in a bowl. Mix lemon juice with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add to salad mixture, toss and enjoy!