Today was my first long run since the Disney Marathon in January. It was my first long run in 6 weeks. Can’t believe how fast time flies. It seems like only a few days since I ran the Disney Marathon. Up until yesterday my longest mileage in these 6 weeks had been 7 miles. Before the Disney Marathon I had been in Marathon training for close to 6 months. I ran NYC in 2015 and Disney this past January.

When training for a marathon I never really considered 10 miles a hard run, because I was so used to it. But during yesterday’s run I truly felt (again) how hard 10 miles can actually feel. I started feeling the hardness of the run after 8 miles. It was at that point when I said to myself that I haven’t been really respecting this distance in a while and I sort of took it for granted that my body can just run it. When it truly is nothing to be taken for granted for.

As runners we sometimes forget that it really isn’t that easy to run high mileages, because we get so much pleasure and joy from a run, don’t we?

On that note, as usual,  Happy Running! 


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