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At this point the Olympics are almost over. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked to. I tried my best to catch some of the running events as much as I can. The women marathon last weekend was awesome to watch – USA in the TOP 10 and Kenya won the Olympic medal for the first time!

Usian Bolt’s iconic side look right before he wins a gold metal. Unbelievable – and too funny!

Michael Phelps is amazing as always and did you see Matej Toth of the Ukraine who walk faster than most people run.

His stats are amazing – he basically qualifies for Boston when by walking a marathon! How is this possible? Just beautiful watch. It shows you how powerful the human body can be when we dare to overcome obstacle and try to live to our full potential.


I would like to share with you 2 posts from last week’s Sunday and Food Link-Up.


Dehydrating Tips for Beginners by The Healthy Green Savvy. Susannah’s blog is full of great tips for a green and healthy lifestyle. Make sure you pay her a visit. I’m sure you learn something new.


Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up Party


Metabolic HIIT Circuit Workout by Blondes Have More Run. Kayla has an fun filled blog with great Fitness, Food and Lifestyle posts. Stop by and check it out!


Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up Party



As always we are linking up with the girls of The Weekly Wrap, Tricia and HoHo. A fun-filled active lifestyle link-up party. It starts every Sunday at 5pm.


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