Steel Cut Oats with Hemp Hearts and Coconut is one of my favorite breakfast choices.

Oatmeal is one of the best foods for your body. Rich in fiber, it keeps you full and satisfied and it is beneficial for your cholesterol. As an active person Oatmeal is one of my top breakfast choices, it provides me with great energy, is low in sugar and is even a great whole -grain for muscle recovery.

Until recently I have always loved the smooth taste of rolled oats, but steel cut oats are an even better choice for many reasons. Steel cut oats have a hearty texture and a rich nutty taste. Their texture reminds me a bit of quinoa. It is a fabulous whole grain with many good -for-you nutrients.

All oats are pretty much the same except for one little fact, which is their glycemic Index. Important for everybody who is watching  their blood sugar and important when you want to avoid a  sugar crash. Steel cut oats are coarsely chopped and not steamed, rolled and then steamed again. This process affects a foods’ glycemic Index, the most important difference between rolled and steel cut oats (according to and Andrew Weil M.D).

Your body takes much longer to digest steel cut oats and therefore it keeps you full much longer. Steel cut oats also do not turn soggy when left too long in liquid, they keep their coarse grainy texture.


The reason why often we prefer rolled oats is that it takes much less time to prepare. I usually soak them overnight or prepare them in the slow cooker overnight, so we have delicious oatmeal in the morning. Which is a great idea and it’s great to have delicious warm oatmeal in the morning. Life just isn’t always perfect and there are plenty of times when I didn’t have time to prepare steel cut oats overnight.

I recently found Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats at Trader Joe’s, which I thought was a great idea for the mornings when I feel like steel cut oats but don’t have the time to prepare them. They take around 8 minutes to cook and taste fabulous. Packed with all the good-for-you fiber, low in sugar and a great source of iron.

One of the things I like about preparing my oatmeal is to add the raising while the liquid (here almond milk) is coming to a boil. That way the raisins turn out soft and smooth and their sugar adds a nice sweetness to the prepared oatmeal. I also add the cinnamon to the hot liquid. It adds a great flavor.


In order t take all these health benefits up a notch I added Hemp Hearts and Walnuts! A high five for plant based Omega 3s!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are essential for your body’s well being and Hemp Hearts and Walnuts are a wonderful source. Hemp Hearts sprinkled on your oatmeal, cereal, salad or smoothie adds so much nutritional goodness to your meal. Hemp Hearts truly are nutritional powerhouses, a great source of Magnesium (!), Phosphorus, Zinc and the list goes on. A combination of nutrients that is hard to get from any other food source. It does so much good for your body and energy levels.

I love topping my oatmeal with Walnuts, Hemp Hearts and Coconut. t makes my oatmeal irresistibly yummy.


Steel Cut Oats with Hemp Hearts and Coconut

Steel Cut Oats


Here is what you need:

1/2 cup Steel Cut Quick Cooking Oats ( or regular steel cut oats, it just takes longer to prepare)

1 1/2 cups Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1 tbsp Organic Raisins

1 tsp Pure Maple Syrup

dash of Cinnamon

1 tsp Hemp Hearts

1 tsp Walnuts, chopped

1/2 tsp shredded Coconut Flakes

optional: bananas




  • bring almond milk and raisins to a boil


  • add cinnamon to liquid


  • stir in steel cut oats and maple syrup


  • reduce heat and cook for about 8 minutes while stirring


  • remove from heat and let stand 1-3 minutes


  • sprinkle with Hemp Hearts, Walnuts and Coconut and bananas!


  • Enjoy!


Steel Cut Oats with Hemp Hearts and Coconut

Steel Cut Oats




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