Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year and another opportunity for some awesome crafting ideas.  The creativity that are spinning around this event are just endless. Fun well thought detailed costumes, yummy treats and the endless amount fun decorations make this one of the best holidays. A few days ago, my older son wanted to decorate the house with bats and spiders , and we decided to make these Spider and Bats Halloween Crafts.

We headed to Michael’s Craft store to buy some foam paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. For the shapes we didn’t use any stencils and rather outlined the shapes of spiders and bats ourselves. With kid scissors, my son cut them out and my younger son was in charge of the googly eyes.

We used a hole puncher to make the holes for the spider legs. Just punching the holes into the paper was major fun for this crafting crew! Afterwards we attached tape to the back of the creatures and stuck them to the wall. Some we left without tape and placed them around the house as decorations.

We used:

2 squares of black foam paper

silver pipe cleaners, black or silver

googly eyes

hole puncher

scissors/kids scissors



Halloween Spider Craft Collage


  • with pencil we outlined the shape of a spider and bat
  • cut out the spider and bat ( I let my kids cut them and I didn’t care about the cuts being too perfect. It was their project)
  • for the spiders punch 3 holes on each side.
  • cut pipe cleaners in half and guide them through the holes, so they represent spider legs
  • stick on googly eyes
  • we rolled a piece of tape together, so it easily makes the craft stick to the walls.
Bat Craft Collage




The beauty and fun part of this craft is that I didn’t correct these cutouts in order  to be perfect. After all these were the kids’ projects and I was just a helping hand. I really enjoy the crafts that show their personal style and signature.