Sunday Fitness & Food – December 4th

Welcome back to Sunday Fitness & Food December 4th! We are heading deep into the Holiday Season! My kids have been busy making their lists for Santa. The boys also make...
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  • Apple Raisin Bread Pudding

Apple Raisin Bread Pudding – a great custard dessert!

Apple Raisin Bread Pudding is one of the most traditional and easiest custard desserts. A long time ago bread pudding was created to make use of all the left over...
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  • running-log-november-21st

Running Log Week November 21st – Thanksgiving Week

My Running Log for Thanksgiving week 2016. I'm a few days late with my running log this week because I injured my left index finger pretty bad with a potato peeler...
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Paleo & Gluten-Free Cut-Out Cookies – Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year, no matter how busy I am, I need to take my Holiday baking on...

These Paleo & Gluten-Free Cut-Out Cookies truly exceeded my expectations this year!

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