Sunday Fitness & Food – Happy Sunday!!

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to another edition of Sunday Fitness & Food!!

We are officially in Spring -  getting back into a regular outdoor fitness routine should get a...
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Running Log Week March 13th

Finally we're having a bit of a cool down here in South Florida. If you get up early enough you can actually catch temps in the lower 50s. Even though...
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Sunday Fitness & Food – it’s almost Spring!

Happy Sunday everybody and welcome back to Sunday Fitness & Food - it's almost Spring! It seems like a week ago when I opened the first party of 2017...and tomorrow...
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Fennel Blueberry Granola – Rock Your Breakfast!

This homemade Fennel Blueberry Granola will simply rock your breakfast!

I'm not even too sure why it has been taking me so long making my own granola...
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