After a few mediocre running weeks, I have finally decided to sign up for another Marathon.

Over the course of the last few weeks I have started to miss being a part of a training plan. Just running miles outside for the sake of running is fine, but somehow I really love when I have to stick to a training regimen. It gives me focus and it gives me a personal goal. Even though I love the time when a marathon is over and I’m out there running free, after just a few months I feel kind of lost and start missing ‘real training’.

Like I have mentioned in other posts earlier, I really didn’t want to travel far with Jim and the kids for a marathon. Traveling for hours has me exhausted by the time I line up at the start. So I chose a marathon which is somewhat close to our area. Another important aspect was that I didn’t want to run a marathon in Florida past April, because the heat and humidity will make long runs hard and draining, so I chose the Treasure Coast Marathon on March 5th, 2017.

This marathon basically only gives me 11 weeks of training. I held a weekly mileage base of 21-25 miles, sometimes a little more, throughout the Summer. With a little bit of effort I think I can cover it. I’m happy my training is starting in December, so hopefully I will catch some cooler temps during this training, especially for the longer runs.


Here is what my week went:

Monday: 6 miles at night around my community.

Tuesday: Rest Day. At night my son’s school had Gingerbread House Night for the whole family. It was super fun! Too bad our gingerbread house collapsed a few minutes before presentation…it was super cute!

Wednesday: 4 miles around my neighborhood. I really tried to put on a good pace but it was kind of humid so it turned into a nice easy afternoon run.

Thursday: 7 miles. The temps have started to drop. Running in 68 degrees at 6am felt so very awesome and refreshing. My pace improved so much with this weather!

Running Week December 5th - Marathon Training #4

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 6 miles. It was a dreary and rainy late morning run but I was happy when I got it done! Pace 9:15.

Sunday: Saturday night I decided to sign up for a marathon. When I realized how little time I have left, I knew I had to put in a 10 Miler this weekend. So I ran 10 Miles Sunday morning. Another great run because there was almost no humidity in the air. The air was somewhat cool and fresh after the rain.

Pace 8:57. This was my best running in months! Maybe even since March, right before the heat started coming around again.


Total weekly Mileage: 34 miles. I also added more push-up, planks and mountain climbers into my routine after my runs.


How was your training week?


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