So far I have been really enjoying the colder weather here in Florida. My schedule has been crazy busy this week and I had to wait until the evening hours to get some running in on most days. The upside is that during the night it really has been cooling off  and I got to run in the 50s. Best running weather! I’m even enjoying wearing some of my long sleeve running shirts, including my Marathon Shirts, which I thought I would never ever get to wear for a run. Love it!

The best part is that my pace has really improved without really putting much effort into it. Sometimes by as much as 1.5 minutes per mile. What a difference compared to my usual runs in 80 something degrees! So yes, the heat really does take an immense toll on your times. As a former New Yorker my lungs still haven’t quite adjusted to all the humidity in Florida. During the cooler temps the last few weeks my body felt at such ease. I wished I could be running in this perfect weather all the time.

It has actually been a quite stressful week for me. From appointments, to play dates,to running errands, blogging, and running a household, I was wearing myself a bit thin this week.  Even when I thought that I might not have the strength to go out for a run, I pushed myself anyway. The best thing I could do. I got nothing but reward in return. Running really is the best stress relief. Once I get over the first two miles, the biggest hump is over, and once mile 3 passes the actual joy of running begins. Here in Florida I have noticed that a lot of times, the run doesn’t get easy until mile 4 due to all the humidity. But once these first initial miles have passed the next 2 or 3 miles are pure bliss, rejuvenation and joy. I love the calm feeling of  achievement when a 6 or 7 miler is finished. That’s why I rarely ever run under 4 miles. I personally  just can’t get into the Zone that fast, it takes me a few miles.

I will be signing up for 2 Races in April and May. The Green Turtle Gallop 10 K and Kids Race in Boca Raton in April and the Run for the Sea in Jupiter in May. So looking forward to being back at the Races especially since my 5 year old son John will be joining me. Double the fun! I hope the weather will still hold up by this time so I can finish with a decent time.

Here is what I ran this week: 

Monday : no running

Tuesday: 6 miles, Pace 8:44 afternoon run around my neighborhood

Training Log

Training Log

Wednesday: 4 miles, Pace 8:46

Thursday: 6 miles, 8:33  This has been my best 6 miler in Years! I think the last time I ran this pace was right before my first pregnancy. Boy was I happy!

Training Log

Training Log

Friday: no running

Saturday: 4 easy, slow miles around the block.

Sunday: We took the kids to Dryer Park. It was such a cloudy day. Dryer Park has some pretty hilly trails, but the boys love running those up and down. At this park I always forget I’m in Florida. It looks so much more like Up North.

Dryer park hill


Trail in Dryer Park, FL


Needless to say that me and Jim had to join them in running up and down the hills. Jim ran it from bottom to top a few times with David in his arms, at  some pretty good speed, and he hasn’t been running in years! So not fair! I also couldn’t believe how much energy a 5 year old has. John ran this hill up and down 5 times, and it didn’t affect him in any way. It’s fun watching pro-athletes tackling the hills at this park, running them up at lighntin’ speed! Very impressive to see how much hard work they  invest into their training.

I managed to run 6 miles that night even though I was exhausted! The hills wore me out!

My Garmin


Total Mileage for this Week: 26 miles, 5 days of running, plus Upper Body Strength training 3 days this week.

It was a pretty good running week for me. I could have done better in the stretching department, but sometimes life is not perfect. The weather is still tolerable at this point. I hope I get to run a few more weeks in decent tempeartures.

See you next week!




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