I can’t believe we are already in mid March. This week will be St. Patrick’s Day with Easter and Spring Break just around the corner!

I know I always say this, but seriously where did the past 3 months go?

On Sunday it will be officially Spring! The best season for outdoor activities. Every chance we get we try to head outside for family activities. I’m personally  looking forward to  bringing our dinners outside to eat under the open sky. Love that!

Running wise you can definitely feel the humidity during your runs again. I have 2 more weeks until the first of my races and I really need to put in more quality into my runs. If only breathing was a bit easier with all this moisture in the air!

Most of my running has just been about mileage, which in the long run will not help if I want to log in a decent pace at the upcoming Run for the Turtles 10K in Boca Raton.

This week I have really tried to give my runs a different turn again. Putting in any speed work with this humidity is such a dread. That’s why I actually had to hit the treadmill on Friday for the first time in 3 months. The mid afternoon sun was just a tad too much for an outdoor sprint.

I added hill repeats on the treadmill and after my outdoor run on Sunday. The playground where I meet up with Jim and the boys at the end of my runs has a little hill, which I run up and down, while my boys run it up and roll it down:).

But Boy – hill repeats are so effective. I actually feel my tired ab muscles tingling when I lay in bed at night trying to fall asleep!


On a different note.

My Asics Gel Kayanos 21 have officially given up.  Just when I have started loving them so much. But the signs that they are done were just all too obvious. My right arch started to be in pain during my runs, and my t-band flared lightly.  I calculated their mileage the best I could and  I think they just passed the 500 mile marker. Loved them so much! I love alternating them with my Hokas every other run. My foot pain seems to remain bearable like that way. Knowing me though, I will not discard them until I wore them a few more times outside for walking.

It’s just so hard to say Good-Bye to your favorite running shoes, is’t it? It feels like you’ve been through so much together! I always need to see if they also have the ouch-effect during regular wear, outside of running. Then I can finally let go!

Do you guys feel the same way about your favorite pair?


Asics Kayano

Asics Kayano

I continue to incorporate easy Yoga stretches into my routine – it just feels so good, especially on my hips!

I bought my kids the books Good Morning and Good Night Yoga by Miriam Gates. Fun and easy illustrations for kids!

Since I am such a Yoga beginner I cannot tell you how much a enjoy these Yoga books for kids. So helpful and fun!


Yoga for kids

Yoga for kids


Here is my running log for this week:


Monday: no running. I never like when I skip a Mondays. I like to start the week off right, but I just couldn’t make it work.

Tuesday: 4  miles

Wednesday: 6 miles late at night around my neighborhood, pace 9:15

Thursday: 4 miles, pace 9:05

Friday: 6 miles on the treadmill at my gym, plus 1 mile hill repeats .I was exhausted from this workout! This was also the first time running with my Hokas on a treadmill. The fat soles made me so wobbly! During the first two miles I thought I will not be able to keep my balance, but I adjusted later. Something to keep in mind. The thinner soles definitely give you more grip on the running belt. I love my Hokas though. They have helped my foot pain tons!

Saturday: no running

Sunday: 8 miles along the Atlantic Ocean, plus hill repeats  It was super humid, and as much as I tried to put a decent pace into this run, but it just wasn’t happening.

But the hill repeats with my boys afterwards, squeezed that last bit of juice I had left out of me!

Love when I feel completely exhausted:):)


running in Florida



hill repeats


running log



Total Mileage for this week: 28 miles , 5 days of running


How was your running week?



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