Running Log Week March 20th – Running and Spring Break

Running Log Week March 20th – Running and Spring Break

Happy Spring Running!

I’m slowly but steady getting back into a regular running routine. I have been taking it much more light, mileage-wise. My foot is feeling better by the week, still flaring here and there, but nothing even close to what it has been only a month ago. I have been using homeopathic treatment by Boiron which really seems to help with pain relief, that way I don’t have to take over the counter pain-relievers.

I’m actually somewhat happy that I have not been running the marathon in the beginning of March. When I think about how much recovery my foot still needs, I would have never been able withstanding 26.2 miles.

On days when I feel like I shouldn’t strain my foot, I find myself walking outside. I have to add that walking in Florida is not the same as walking in NYC. I used to walk easily 3 miles a day when living in NYC- walking in Florida however, is a whole other ballgame…. The heat make long walks along the road pretty dreadful, and there really isn’t much scenery to distract your mind from and during walking. Walking 3 miles feels so much harder here than running 3 miles in any Urban area. Scenery is great distraction and therefore walking feels so much easier. I have to add that I can pretty much run anywhere, I don’t care too much about scenery for my runs, but walking in a deserted area is not the same. Walking 3 miles feels therefore so much harder to me here in Florida. Can anyone relate?

Last week was Spring Break. My older son John was off from school. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time on the beach!!


The cooler temps from 2 weeks ago are finally over and the hot temperatures have been creeping up again. For the next 9-10 months I will be running and walking in much hotter temperatures again. Recovering from my foot pain is my main goal, even though I have a few races in the back of my mind…like most of us.


Here is what I ran last week:

Monday: 4miles

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: No running/ walking 3 miles

Thursday: No Running/walking 3 miles

Friday: 4 Miles

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: 6 miles, with 4 mile repeats. My best run in a while. Speed work felt good and refreshing. I love when a run leaves me exhausted like this.


Total Mileage for this week: 20 Miles plus about 6 miles of walking.

How was your running week?




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  1. Looks like a gorgeous place to get some miles in! Awesome job!

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Totally find that scenery and the city you’re in makes a big difference when it comes to how long I can walk/ run for!!

    • It really does Abbey! I didn’t even feel my weekly walking mileage when I lived in NYC. I think I averaged 3 miles a day, just to get from A to B! 🙂

  3. I hope the foot pain goes away and you can do those races you have your eye on.

  4. OH, those beach shots! I could go for some time at the beach right now. Glad your foot is feeling better.

  5. So happy to hear that your foot is starting to feel better – I honestly don’t know what could be worse than a foot injury when it comes to working out! I am the type that totally pushes through, which is such a bad idea, but I am a crazy! haha!

    • I used to push through all sorts of pains, too GiGi, bu then there is pain that is stronger than my will to run. Metatarsal foot pain is one of those…

  6. Yay for spring break! I have a half marathon coming up soon, so I ran 24 miles last week. My legs are definitely feeling it.

  7. I agree that walking is much more boring than running in areas where the scenery is not very exciting. If seems to take forever to get anywhere. Looks like you go to visit some beautiful places though!

    • Walking with really “nothing” to see can be challenging Jodi. It’s hard to do it… but better than no exercise!

  8. Wow 20 miles! this is so inspirational! I want to get into running this summer. I do a lot of body weight exercises at home but running would be a great compliment to it !

  9. Walking in Austin in the summer was hard — you had to get it done early, but a lot of Austin is really pretty. And since I have dogs, dogs gotta walk.

    I had one day before my half when my foot was killing me, totally out of the blue — I think it was the sandals I was wearing (even though they’re supportive); luckily I’d also brought some sneakers (other than my running shoes) with me and it was fine. And felt completely fine after my race.

    I use Deep Blue Rub — I’ve tried Arnica & Topricin, but neither of those really did it for me. It’s great that you found something that helps!

  10. Glad to hear the foot is starting to feel better! I have a hamstring issue right now that’s driving me crazy; working on strengthening and stretching and all that. I’m just starting to ramp up training as I get ready for tri season this summer. (PS – I’ll trade those hot temps right now – we’re supposed to get snow up here in MA again this weekend!)

    • It seems like we’re runners are never truly injury-free! I hope your hamstring feels better soon Chrissy – that kind of pain can certainly put a damper on your running as well. I hope warm temps are coming to MA rather sooner than later!!

  11. Glad that your foot is feeling better. I have days that mine bothers me as well and sometimes I have no idea why

  12. Spending time with your boys at the beach sounds like the perfect Spring Break. I’m glad your foot is improving. I can certainly sympathize since I’ve been dealing with the discomfort that comes when returning to running after a fracture. Like you, I just do what I can when I can. You made the right decision with the marathon. Thanks for linking, Ilka!

  13. I’m happy thjat you had a great time with your sons. I love the photos, all of you look so delightful. Hope your foot wil get well soon.

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